World Localization Day 2020

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Was ‘normal’ working for you? After quarantine, we can return to our automatic and disconnected lives of climate destruction and interrupted communication, or we can scale down and rebuild our connections to each other and our planet. This may seem impractical, but as you may have noticed since quarantine, things have slowed down. ‘Normal’ has rebranded itself, and what we once deemed necessary has changed. If you believe in a stronger, more connected world, you should put in the work to make it happen. 

If you foresee a shift in power from corporations to smaller businesses who look after and support their community, you can make it happen. And If you believe in opportunities for all and a balance of resources, you can make it happen. 

This month, on June 21st, 2020  Local Futures is hosting a World Localization Day. This is a day to reflect, learn from the past, and raise our voices on how we can create a new normal through the power of localization. 

And What can localization do for you, you ask? Localization can strengthen the community and promote greater health and economic wellbeing while reducing pollution and the destruction of our planet. 

  • Creates higher quality products
  • Promotes a balanced neighborhood/community
  • Establishes an even exchange between businesses and consumers
  • Promotes humane working environments and benefits
  • Cultivates social consciousness 

….and so much more!

Join the movement on June 21st to experience firsthand the power and possibilities behind the push for localization. Allow yourself to tap into hope, innovation, exposure, and your local community.  Allow yourself to learn more about the possibilities at hand and believe in the future of localization.  

Also, World Localization Day will be a pre-recorded event that is anticipated to run for approximately 3-4 hours. Three different start times are being offered, sometimes earlier, depending on where you are located (6 pm Sydney, 6 pm London, 6 pm New York).

Speakers and guests from all over the world will be present to share their voices and beliefs on de-globalization. 

These voices will range from Brian Eno and Noam Chomsky to the Dalai Lama, Jane Goodall, and many more. Tickets have multiple tiers, ranging from donation-based (pay what you can) to just $20.00.  Register here to get yours today.

Another thing to remember that this day devoted to emphasizing the power and beauty that can come from committing to localization. This event meant to inspire, activate, and envision a future where localization is our primary way of existing. Be prepared to say yes to our planet and people first. Say no to corporations who see you as a statistic – you get to choose where to put your dollars.

Surely very exciting and we couldn’t be more hyped about this event and the future it believes in. Please join us as we invite change, progress, a healthier world, and way of life. 

See how to join futuristic thinkers and attend world-changing events here in Plantie.


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