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Minuty 281 Rosé 2018

A light and bright French Rosé. This wine evokes everything you’d expect from a summer’s afternoon in Provence with lovely aromas of...


Suffering from COVID stress? You’re not alone. The novel coronavirus is leaving a trail of anxiety-ridden people in its wake.

David Moret-Nomine Meursault ‘Les Narvaux’ 2015

This is a warm vintage with “fat” style and a deep golden color. Lifted aromas of lemon, orange peel, white peach, butter,...

Suffering from COVID stress? You’re not alone. The novel coronavirus is leaving a trail of anxiety-ridden people in its wake.

Noone can know how long this will last or when life will return to normal, and that uncertainty contributes to everyone’s fears. The majority of the population is frightened about potentially contracting the virus—or worse, close friends and family testing positive.

Sometimes our go-to coping techniques just don’t cut it. For anyone who can relate, supplements that are designed to ease stress or boost the immune system (or a combo of both) can’t hurt.

Some provide immediate relief while others can take several weeks, but once they take effect, your fears of catching corona will lessen, which will reduce stress in and of itself. Adding a mood enhancing, stress-reducing supplement to your medication regimen will help achieve better results.

Like most things in life, consistency is key, and since you’re trying to say goodbye to the coronavirus blues, you’ll want to remember to take your supplements as instructed.

We handpicked our favorite supplements based on effectiveness, ingredients and the positive results we have personally experienced. Now the Plantie team is sharing our curated selection with you!

Ned: Immunity Blend

Courtesy of Ned

Last year, Ned created Immunity Blend in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This limited edition botanical tincture contains a seamless blend of hero ingredients. It’s power-packed with echinacea, elderflower, thyme and chaga—just to name a few—so you’ll benefit from the anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-viral properties. The adaptogens and superfoods should leave you with stress-free vibes.

For best results, Ned suggests incorporating a full-spectrum hemp product to your supplement routine. You can find some top-notch CBD oil for sale on their site. CBD—a cannabinoid derived from the hemp plant—has anti-anxiety and immune strengthening properties, which enhances the benefits of Immunity Blend’s potent combo of herbs and fungi.


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Love Wellness: #mood pills

Courtesy of Love Wellness

Taking daily supplements is so much more fun with Love Wellness. The adorable packaging and clever product names are two of the many reasons this brand stands out from the rest. Their #mood pills are thoughtfully designed to ease stress, lower frustration and relieve mood fluctuations associated with premenstrual syndrome.

An artful blend of St. John’s Wort, GABA, chasteberry and vitamin B6 work together in harmony to tackle stress and make life feel less overwhelming. When taken daily, people notice improvement within four to six weeks. Turn supplement time into a ritual by lighting a candle, drawing a bubble bath and popping your daily dose of #mood pills.


Prima: No Worries

Courtesy of Prima

Prima is known for their high-end CBD skincare products and supplements. Several weeks ago, No Worries launched. The stylish container holds 60 doctor-formulated broad-spectrum hemp capsules. Each capsule contains an enriched blend of botanical extracts—including ashwagandha, 20mg of CBD and holy basil—which are known for balancing cortisol levels, which spike when we are experiencing stress.

The research is still in the preliminary stages, but there is promising research that shows CBD may be capable of boosting immunity and managing anxiety. CBD consumption triggers our serotonin receptors and releases anandamide, and these are both “feel-good” chemicals. In doing so, most people notice an overall more positive mood several hours after taking a dose of No Worries.


Moon Juice: Magnesi-Om

Courtesy of Moon Juice

For anyone who prefers to sip their stress away, Moon Juice developed a “berry unstressing drink.” Magnesi-om is a dietary supplement in powder form, so you can mix it with water every night or when you need a bit of calm in your life. Magnesium and L-theanine are the two key ingredients that provide relaxation, brain and gut health, and less bloating while suffering from PMS. The drink mix is vegan and sugar-free, in addition to having a high bioavailability rate, a.k.a. the amount of active ingredients that actually enter your body’s system. With Magnesi-om, there are three highly bioavailable forms of magnesium that deliver a time-released effect for a steady sense of mellow.


Free + True: Body Harmony

Courtesy of Free + True

Want to boost your immune system and say goodbye to stress all with one supplement? Body Harmony, made by Free + True, addresses both issues and more. This powdered blend of turmeric-infused rooibos is formulated with a scrumptious medley of adaptogens, antioxidants and potent botanicals.

In the evening, mix two teaspoons with hot milk, dairy-free milk or your fave smoothie. Stir, sip, relax. Body Harmony promotes healthy digestion, immune support and relaxation, which “brings your mind, body and skin into balance,” according to their website.


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Nourished: Personalized Gummy Vitamin

Personalized Gummy Vitamin
Courtesy of Nourished

Customizable gummies that stack seven essential nutrients into one daily supplement that is tailored to meet your specific health needs? Yes, please! Nourished Personalized Gummy Vitamins come individually packaged with your name on each supplement—there isn’t a plastic container filled with gummies because this brand is committed to sustainability.

Following a three minute questionnaire with a unique algorithm, the nutrients needed for your stack are revealed, and after payment, they’re sent to the lab to be manufactured. From brittle nails and a weak immune system to an abundance of stress and insufficient energy, Nourished has you covered. Not in the mood for a quick quiz? You can opt to choose from their selection of pre-made vitamin stacks.

$59.99 (one month supply)

BEE&YOU: Propolis Raw Honey Syrup

Propolis Raw Honey Syrup
Courtesy of BEE&YOU

Propolis is technically not a medicinal or dietary supplement, but we thought that BEE&YOU Propolis Raw Honey Syrup belonged on our list anyway. The fact is, propolis is extracted from beehives and featured in a wide array of products. Propolis is a natural immune system booster—it contains antiviral and antibacterial properties that fight against the common cold and flu. There are even studies that show propolis can have a positive effect in protecting us against viruses like COVID-19.

This syrup can be ingested as needed to soothe sore throats and minimize coughing, or on a daily basis for a delicious dose of immune support. There is no active medication, only all-natural propolis, raw honey and orange juice. For parents with kids who can’t stand the taste of traditional cough medicine, BEE&YOU’s collection of cough syrups, nasal sprays and chewable tablets will make your life a whole lot easier during flu season.


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