Top Plant-Based Restaurants in London

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We are back with another installment of the top plant-based restaurants in London. If you want to read the first article, please click here.

As healthy meal alternatives continue to gain more popularity, people are learning how their food choices can severely affect their health. It is no secret that healthy food is more than just adding a handful of peas to meals. To start with, every meal should be packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and polyphenols. With the growing vegan scene in London, this is not an issue. Here is another list of some of the best plant-based restaurants in London.

1. Black Cat

We had to revisit our old favorite – Black Cat restaurant where they offer ethical food in the most affordable range. From their menu, you can expect delicious beetroot, kale, and pesto salads, as well as a smoky lentil burger.

2. The Vurger Co

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For people who love burgers, but still want to stick to their vegan ethics, this is the perfect spot. Their menu features burgers cooked with plant-based patty options like the classic bean, Beyond Meat patty, or chipotle corn fritter. Check it out for a quick meal.

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3. All Nations Vegan House

This family-owned restaurant has something for the whole family. Some of the best items on their menu include the ackee and mushroom, and a choice of smoothies to wash your food down.

4. Itadaki Zen

If you are missing out on eating delicious sushi since you chose to live a vegan life, then this restaurant might be able to help you with your cravings. Vegan sushi does exist, and it follows all-vegan ethics while still maintaining deliciousness.

5. Kin Café

The Kin Café might just be the best spot for you if you need a vegan brunch in Central London. The restaurant not only serves delicious meals, but the décor is also very welcoming. The menu caters to both vegetarian and vegan palettes. You might want to try out their sweet potato and kale hash, and their variety of gluten-free vegan cakes.

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6. Oxo Tower

Our old favorite, Oxo Tower has been in existence for many years, but the restaurant sure knows how to keep up with the food trends. Their menu offers a choice of delicious vegan meals like basil gel and smoked almonds, as well as deep-fried tofu with grilled peach. For something sweet, try their lemon, apricot, and thyme cake.

7. Restaurant at Sanderson

For a classy vegan lunch, the Restaurant at Sanderson has everything covered. Rather than the regularly smoked salmon sandwiches and non-vegan finger foods served at tea parties, you can find chia seed wrap with bean salad, wild rice and quinoa, and a chocolate and coconut cookie.

8. Wild Food Café

Wild Food Cafe Facebook Page

For those days when you want something simple, but cannot be bothered to prepare a meal, you can head to this café for some of their delicious samurai burgers or other nourishing, vegan dishes.


This food joint advertises and presents their meals in the most innovative way, with a hint of Californian vibes. You can be sure that you will find a varied menu that includes stuffed croissant with cheese, and smoked carrot bagel.

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10. Purezza

Most vegans will tell you that splurging on pizza is one of the things they miss most since adopting the vegan lifestyle. However, Purezza is a restaurant that offers diners healthy, plant-based pizza choices. This is the first vegan pizzeria in the United Kingdom and was founded in 2015. Try out the black truffle pizza with vegan mozzarella and smoked tofu for some healthy deliciousness.


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