Top Five Fitness Apps To Keep You Moving During Quarantine

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This quarantine is affecting all of us in different ways. Some of us have become perpetual snackers, fitness buffs, soul-searchers, teachers, bakers, and the list continues! Some of us may have a harder time coping than others and that’s completely okay.

It’s proven the single best thing we can do for our health right now, and every single day, is to move for a minimum of 30 minutes per day. Normally, we have no problem making this happen, but the one thing we find ourselves missing most right now is motivation. Are you with us?

Here are the top five fitness mobile application to keep you moving during quarantine!

1.) Nike Training Club

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Always free (awesome). This app comes with a variety of home workouts. Whether you have fitness equipment or not, this app can accommodate. There are even programs you can set up to build a scheduled workout routine for yourself. Routines are key to combating a lack of motivation to move. Also, you can save your favorite workouts – making it even easier to says yes to movement!

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2.) Down Dog​

© 20oceansvibe

For the yogis, this app is perfect! It’s free and fully customizable to create your own custom flow. You can choose your practice, level of difficulty, pace, and yoga variation. This is a great and gentle way to move that also incorporates breathing, mindfulness, and active stretching! All amazing benefits for your body while cooped-up in your home!

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3.) FitOn

© gadgetstouse

Not only does this FREE app come with a variety of workouts ranging from HIIT (high-intensity interval training), strength building, pilates, and more. It also offers fun fitness challenges! Nothing screams motivation like a little fun competition. This app also offers tips from trainers as well as other helpful health-based articles. It’s overall one of the most comprehensive apps out there!

4.) Class Pass​

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Although this app costs a minimum of $49/month, there is nothing more motivating than a live workout class to hold you accountable. It will feel like actually going to the gym again – without leaving your home! Join this one with a friend, make a healthy smoothie post-workout class, and debrief via Facetime.

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5.) Fitness Blender​


This one is our favorites! It’s not an app, but a website chock-full of fantastic workout videos. If you’re like us and hope to pack a punch with your 30 minutes, this is the site for you. You can filter your workouts based on your needs and goals and follow along in your living room. Fill-up your water bottle and get ready to sweat!


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