Top 10 Plant Based Take Out Options in Toronto

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All around the world, there are amazing restaurants that offer completely plant-based takeaway foods. With the pandemic crisis still going on and many people using takeout to support local business, we thought we would share a few of our favorite plant-based takeout options in Toronto.

1. Mugi

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If you are looking for Thai food that is made from scratch, super delicious, and easy to grab for lunch, then Mugi has you covered. This relatively new Thai restaurant is great for both dining and takeout, offering dishes like sweet potato noodles and other plant-based goodness.

See what else they have to offer here.

2. Planta

Many restaurants are offering takeout options, including the popular dim sum spot Planta. Planta is an upscale Chinese eatery that has a full takeout menu, meaning you can enjoy their plant-based takes on spicy kung pao eggplant, veggie-stuffed gyoza, and dan dan noodles at home.

Take a look at some of their delicious dishes here.

3. Bloomer’s

There is never a bad time for sweets and a sandwich! Bloomer’s is a vegan, plant-based bakery that also offers salads and sandwiches that you can pick up for both breakfast or lunch. Just do not forget a tart or cookie on your way out!

Learn more about their food here.

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4. Veggie D’Light

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Takeout includes much more than Chinese food or burgers, and Veggie D’Light is proof of that. This Caribbean restaurant offers vegan, plant-based, soulful, and savory meals that are made for takeout. They also offer catering and meal plans, so you can have food for any occasion.

Discover what they have to offer here.

5. GOOD Grains

GOOD Grains is the place to be if you want some GOOD food. This restaurant is an all-vegan, internationally themed quick-serve cafe, offering prepared soups, salads, hot and cold dishes, and more. They also have frozen items that you can bring home.

Explore their healthy quick-serve cuisine here.

6. Fresh

For convenient, all-natural takeout meals, Fresh is one of Toronto’s most reliable spots. Their menu includes a variety of dishes, including salads, wraps, burgers, bowls, and soups ready for takeout. If you are in the mood for a tempeh Reuben sandwich, poutine, or falafel salad, get an order in!

Learn more about their food here.

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7. Hogtown Vegan

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Just because you have a plant-based vegan diet does not mean you cannot enjoy some comfort food! Hogtown Vegan offers soy wings, vegan mac ‘n cheese, tempeh fish and chips, “unChicken” and waffles, and much more. If you want to pig out a bit, this is the place to do it.

Check out their grub here.

8. Apiecalypse Now!

Get ready for a slice of heaven with Apiecalypse Now’s vegan and plant-based pizzas. They offer a variety of vegan specialty pies, as well as poutine and jalapeno poppers to round out your dinner. Swing by and snag a few slices!

Get a look at their food here.

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9. Kupfert & Kim

Kupfert & Kim creates bowls, salads, and smoothies that are all completely gluten-free and mostly organic, meaning you can feel good about eating them. Do not let the basic-looking menu deceive you—these bowls and salads are absolutely packed with flavor!

Take a peek at their locations and menus here.

10. The Goods

The Goods Facebook Page

Plant-based and vegan foods are perfectly suited for quick bites, and The Goods has the… well, you get it. They have smoothies, soups, chilis, and breakfast items that are ready fast for anyone who is on the go, making them perfect for a morning commute or lunch break.

Explore their goods here.

Well, now you have some options for your next takeout meal! Have you tried any of these restaurants? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!


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