The Wonders of Cold Pressed Juice

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You’re a health conscious person, so you may have noticed people preaching about cold-pressed juice. Whether it be on supermarket shelves, or atop the tables at the local organic markets, cold-pressed juice is everywhere. It’s popular because of its purported health benefits, but what exactly is this stuff? Why is it so cold? What does it mean that the juice is pressed? Most importantly, is it really as healthy as everyone claims? 

Photo by Mike Mozart

The “pressing” part is due to its extraction. Instead of a regular juicing machine, like the kind you might have in your kitchen, fresh fruits and vegetables run through a hydraulic press-powered juicer. The machine doesn’t generate heat, which keeps more of the vitamins and minerals intact.

It’s that scientific process that gives cold-pressed juice it’s highly-regarded nutritional power. All those vitamins, minerals, and enzymes are left to be absorbed by you. 

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Cold-pressed juice is an incredibly convenient way to get fruits and veggies in on the go. They flush and detoxify your system, and because they don’t contain the fiber of whole produce, all those minerals and vitamins get into your system quicker, giving you a refreshing and delicious boost. Cold-pressed juices are also full of antioxidants that help your system fight free radicals which may cause illness.

There’s also a lot of vitamin C in juices, which can be a much-needed boost for your immune system. 

Photo by freepik

Juicing can cleanse your system and give your stomach a rest. Many fans of juicing believe it kick starts your system into cleansing and detoxifying your organs, as it gently provides you with the vitamins and minerals you need without making your digestive system work too hard. Drinking cold-pressed juices can also promote weight loss and provide a boost of energy due to its nutrient density. 

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When looking for a cold-pressed juice, try a product that uses only fresh fruits and veggies – not one that’s full of added sugar. Pay special attention to the labels, too. Juice contains a lot of calories, so if you’re watching your intake, check the labels and keep track of your consumption. Some juices are marketed as healthy, but the labels can paint a very different picture. To gain the maximum benefits, look for a quality juice made from all-natural, fresh produce. 

Cold-pressed juice might seem like just another health nut trend, but it’s actually an accessible way for anybody to get in extra vitamins and minerals from produce. Many of us don’t eat enough fresh fruits and vegetables, or drink enough water. Juicing is a wonderful way to supplement your diet and stay hydrated. Going on a full juice cleanse can be a great way to reboot your digestive system, and get a boost of energy. When we eat poorly, we usually end up feeling sluggish and yucky. Going on a juice cleanse for a limited period can be a great way to reset, but please, do so responsibly, starting small and listening to your body every step of the way.

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The next time you see a cold-pressed juice on that grocery shelf, give it a try. You might be surprised how delicious, hydrating, and good-for-you these fruity flavors can be.


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