The Various Forms of CBD

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Health enthusiasts have now made CBD a part of their daily regimen; from using the therapeutic substance as salves to infusing some in their food and other methods. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is naturally obtained from the cannabis plant. The two major ingredients which make the cannabis plant a medicinal big shot are THC and CBD. CBD is the safe half that does not have any psychoactive properties and is a healthy alternative. If more people knew about CBD’s numerous health benefits, they would be eager to find out more about the different forms of CBD’s in which the substance can be ingested.

What Is CBD Used For?

Oliver King | Pexels

CBD has been proclaimed as a cure for a lot of health problems, but most of the claims have gone untested, and are yet to be verified through proper scientific research. Some of the things CBD has been touted to help with include insomnia, anxiety, joint problems, pain relief, etc.

This leads to a common question for first time users – what are the different things CBD can be used in? Before we answer that, it is necessary to point out that some of the forms are more effective than others, while some should only be used for a specific reason.

These are some of the most effective and common forms of CBD:

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Hans Braxmeier  | Pixabay

Users who pay attention to textures and tastes might find it best to consume CBD in the form of edibles or foods that have some CBD infused in them. They taste delectable, just like what you would normally eat, and have the added benefits of CBD. Edibles are also easy to find/prepare, and easy to carry.


Forstemann Berlin | Unsplash

Another popular and effective method of consuming CBD is through vaping. The CBD can be consumed in the form of vape juice, through a vape pen. Research has shown how vaping CBD is one of the most effective ways to ingest the substance. If you are looking to get CBD into your bloodstream quickly, vaping might be your best option.

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Tinctures and Oils


CBD oils can be derived directly from the cannabis plant and mixed with carrier oils such as hemp seed or coconut oil. Tinctures made with these oils are in the form of liquids that are mixed with some herbs for ingestion. To get the full effects of CBD oils and tinctures, it is best to consume the drops of oil directly, placed under the tongue, and not mixed with any beverages or food.

Balms and Topicals

Julia Teichmann  | Pixabay

Another popular way to consume CBD is in its topical form. Balms and salves are already popular with people who suffer from aching joints and body pains. So, for users who prefer to use CBD for post-workout treatments or body pains, balms, salves, and topical might be the best option.


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