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Looking to expand your palate and get home-cooked, organic-ingredient, vegan meals delivered straight to your door? Look no further! Plantie has done your homework! We reviewed nearly all the US meal delivery services so you don’t have to. Everything is here, from where to order smoothies and soups to where to snag full entrees. There’s something for every vegan foodie’s budget and style.

Let’s explore, shall we?



This company rawvolutionized the home-delivery meal movement back in 2001 when it became one of the first services of its kind in the States, and certainly the first to provide clients with all raw, vegan meal options. Each week, Rawvolution lists its weekly meals that can be delivered to anywhere in the country. Cher and Alicia Silverstone swear by Rawvolution.

The Vegan Garden


This garden is abundant in variety and flavor. This service is great because you can order any vegan item your heart desires—from single juices to complete meal plans. No need to leave the house, these deliveries can last you an entire week, or even a month! You get to customize your meals or have Vegan Garden do the work for you.

22 Days Nutrition


Variety is the spice of life – and 22 Days Nutrition! This platform offers everything from a 22-day, plant-based smoothie breakfast plan to a recipe planning app that lets you choose from thousands of tailored recipes to fit your lifestyle. Did we mention the recipe plans start at $1.90/week? There’s something for any budget at 22 Days Nutrition.

Vegin’ Out


Based out of Los Angeles, Vegin’ Out delivers its full line of preservative-free, vegan meal plans to anywhere in the continental US. Not only can you choose from a 21-Day Vegan Cleanse, but also a Low Carb Weekly Vegan Meal plan. Vegin’ Out is a veteran in the home-delivery service, so their meals and products are on point in taste and time.

Misfits Market


This is THE home delivery system for the DIY foodies who want fresh, farmer-direct produce sent to their steps. Moreover, Misfits Market is helping to reduce the nation’s massive food waste problem by delivering less-than-supermarket pristine fruits and vegetables that are still oh-so-delicious and nutritious.



Thistle is your farm-to-table weekly delivery service. It uses quality organic ingredients from local farmers in its internationally-inspired vegan dishes that are sent straight to your door. Thistle nutritionists and chefs design your daily breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack so you don’t have to.

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Daily Harvest


From bowls to bites, soups to smoothies, Daily Harvest has it all. You just choose your favorite designer meals and beverages and have these thoughtfully sourced, vegan, organic options delivered to your door. Use the website’s nifty “likes/dislikes” icon to quickly decide which recipes are best for you!



Trifecta takes the stress out of plant-based meal prep. You just decide how many meals per day that you want and have them sent weekly to your home. You get to choose from delish dishes like Blueberry Banana Oatmeal for breakfast, Roasted Vegetables With Cilantro Cream for lunch, and Heirloom Vegetable Quinoa at dinner. Oh, and you can order loads of side dishes.

Thrive Foods Direct


Vegan athlete and author of Thrive, Brendan Frazier, offers the same filling, nutrient-dense, plant-based whole food meals introduced in his cookbook delivered to your door. You can choose from the standard, plus, or low carb weekly plan, whichever suits your needs. Also, the Thrive website offers tons of nutritional information about all the ingredients used in its meals.



Choose the bundles that are right for you. We prefer the Mama Sezz PETA Vegan Bonanza Bundle, a seven-day, 21-meal deal. All you have to do is plate up these luscious plant-based meals when you’re hungry. MamaSezz also offers a variety of a la carte, non-vegan, and dessert options! This service is of high quality and affordable.

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This home-delivered meal service is the epitome of pretty, chic, and healthy. Sakara’s signature Healthy Body Project, couples a four-week, plant-based meal plan with a fitness plan designed by The Sculpt Society’s Megan Roup. You can even order probiotics, cleansing teas, and indulgent chocolates.

Blue Apron


This flexible and fresh-food delivery service sends chef-designed, one-pan dinners straight to your steps for you and your family. Many of the delicious dinners are low-carb, healthy for diabetics, and there’s a Beyond Meat option. You can even purchase wine pairings with meals.

Fresh Lean


What’s better than a three minute prep time for a complete vegan meal? Well, nothing! And, you can get it with Fresh Lean. Choose 1-3 plant-based meals a day, such as the Mushroom and Bell Pepper Mix entree, in your weekly delivery. There are keto weekly plans and a variety of snacks for every palate.

Hungry Root


This delivery service will fill your belly with any vegan option you desire. Pick and choose a pasta/grain, vegetable, protein, and sauce to make your plant-based entree complete. Add ready-to-eat snacks like Toasted Coconut Clusters to your cart and enjoy a quick checkout you’ll never get at a grocery store. Hungry Roots includes nutritional and portion facts on all its food.



With Veestro, you’ll want for nothing. These folks send 20 filling, plant-based complete recipes to your address so you can take them out of the freezer whenever you want a meal. You can tailor these meals to your liking, choosing from nut-free, soy-free, kosher, and high-protein options.

Green Chef


Green Chef shows pictures of all the vegan meals for the following week before you buy, and these on-screen images are making us hungry—the Orange Miso Tofu & Black Rice looks delish. It does the hard work meal planning so you can have all the fun cooking it. 

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Sun Basket


Fill your basket full of vegan snacks and goodies at Sun Basket. This brand can deliver several vegetarian and meat-based entrees straight to your home, but it’s the vegan snacks like Mexican Hot Chocolate Walnuts, Paleo Sea Salt Crackers, and the Organic Chocolate Covered Cashews that have us swooning.

Splendid Spoon


This service is perfect for the busy vegan on-the-go. You receive a breakfast smoothie, a bowl, and a light soup all perfectly paired and prepared for you. Splendid Spoon will hand-pick or let you choose your favorite tasty and bright bowls and so-good soups for each week.

The Purple Carrot


The Purple Carrot delivers some of the most nutritious, best-tasting, and brightly colored plant-based meals. It is perfect for couples and families as dinners are available in two and four-portion options. Don’t worry, they have breakfast, lunch and loads of yummy snacks you can grab at checkout.


Sprinly offers meals that are nutritionist-selected, 100% vegan, fresh, and never frozen. Best of all they are fully prepared and packaged when they arrive at your door. You just need to plate them, and enjoy!


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