The Top 10 Hiking Trails in Italy

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Italy might be known for Roman ruins and Venice’s canals but what many people do not know is that there are dozens of marvelous hiking trails in the country. Plantie has gathered a list of the top 10 hiking trails in italy for you to explore whenever you need to escape the bustle of the city.

1. Sentiero Azzurro

Jordan Cormack | Unsplash

Located in the quaint seaside area of Cinque Terre, Sentiero Azzurro is an excellent hiking trail that features striking views of the coastline. Multi-colored buildings that form the fishing villages can be seen from the top of the cliffs.

2. Stromboli

ivo_m_g  | Pixabay

Is hiking up a volcano on your bucket list? Check it off by climbing up the Stromboli Volcano on the Aeolian Islands in Sicily. The rocky trail comes with the risk of being near an active volcano, but seeing the incredible scenery is a once in a lifetime chance.

3. Lake Como Greenway

travelspot | Pixabay

If you are looking for a relaxing hike near Lake Como, the Greenway trail might just be the thing for you. A leisurely hike will bring you to ancient villages and you can explore the area around Lake Como.

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4. Sentiero degli Dei

Video by Yeti Adventure Films

Situated on the Amalfi Coast, the Sentiero degli Dei trail allows hikers to see the stunning Southern coastline of Italy including the dazzling blue sea and rugged mountains. The path will bring you through an exquisite natural trail to a remote area.

5. Vesuvius

_M_V_ | Unsplash

One of the most famous landmarks in Italy, the volcano Vesuvius is quite the hike! Once you have reached the summit, head back down and visit the fabled city of Pompeii for a cultural experience.

6. Gran Paradiso National Park

Video by Gabriele Patorno

Home to various types of walking paths, the Gran Paradiso National Park is filled with rocky and rough terrain fit for an adventurer. Snowy mountaintops and exciting wildlife await you when you visit this fantastic park.

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7. Selvaggio Blu

Video by Francesco Panero

For experienced hikers looking for a thrill, be sure to check out Selvaggio Blu! It is a wild expedition over rough terrain, but you will be rewarded with a magnificent landscape and a sight of the crystal-clear blue sea.

8. The Dolomites

Francesca Petringa | Unsplash

A major mountain range, The Dolomites is positioned in a charming region known for its natural beauty. Hiking through this area, you will witness tall mountains, deep forests, and wild animals.

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9. Valtellina

Franco Folini  | Wikimedia

The Lombardy district of Northern Italy has a valley named Valtellina right in the middle of the Alps. Some of the routes you can choose from are, Alta Via della Valmalenco, Gran via delle Orobie, Sentiero della Pace, and Via Alpina.

10. Renaissance Ring

Visit Tuscany

For those searching for a more low-key walk, the Renaissance Ring trail will fit your needs. One of the best parts of this trail is a chance to experience the culture of Florence as you walk by ancient buildings, through delightful little villages and lovely countryside.

Step outside the city and immerse yourself in the gorgeous Italian environment!


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