The Ten Best Herbs to Grow at Home

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Thinking about starting your own herb garden? Let Plantie help you pick the Best Herbs to Grow at home.  Recipes can be improved with the addition of herbs and there is something extra scrumptious about fresh ingredients.

Here are our top ten herbs to grow in your garden or even your kitchen!



Basil is a popular herb that is commonly used in Mediterranean dishes. Fresh basil is famous in many pesto recipes or as a pizza topping. In the summer it can be grown outside but during colder months it thrives indoors.



A favorite herb choice in the summer is delicious and aromatic mint. A few sprigs of fresh mint added to a cold glass of lemonade or in a mixed fruit salad adds an extra zing. It can be cultivated inside year-round or in the garden during the growing season.



Rosemary is an evergreen and therefore can live outside all year depending on the region. With its beautiful blossoms, it is frequently planted as yard decor. The fragrant quality is excellent paired with roasted root vegetables.



Depending on the international recipe, cilantro is also known as coriander. It’s prevalent in many Asian cuisines, including Thai and Indian. The entire plant can be eaten and the seeds can be ground into a lemon-like spice.



Whether it is used dry or fresh, oregano herbs is favored in savory dishes. Dried flakes can be sprinkled on top of a pizza and fresh leaves are wonderful baked into rolls. While possible to grow inside, it can thrive outside if given a large amount of sunlight.



An interesting trait of chives is that the entire plant is edible from the bulb to the flower. The light onion flavor is a herb perfect for winter soups or summer salad and their pretty purple flowers. Chives are commonly grown as a border plant.



Dill is a versatile herb that is used in multiple ways with the combination of lemon and dill it can add extra flavor to vegetables and rice. On a side note, a unique way to use dill is as an ingredient in soaps and oils.



Available in curly or flat-leaf, parsley a herb that is perfect decorative garnish for a savory meal. Though not as common as basil, parsley can be a key ingredient to a flavorful pesto. It grows well as a windowsill plant or outdoors during warm months.



A plant full of minerals and vitamins is the delectable herb, sage. The powerful flavor and mild pepper taste make it an ideal match with pumpkin or squash. Bursting with colorful flowers, sage can also be an ornament plant.



Whether planting thyme in a garden or a pot inside, it is crucial it has sun exposure. Having a lemony flavor, it is suitable as a seasoning for vegetables. And Thyme is delicious when included in recipes and also beneficial for medicinal uses.

We love sharing the benefits of these delectable herbs and want you to find the perfect one for your garden!

Hopefully you have gotten one of these Best Herbs to Grow at Home.


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