The Six Best Sources of Plant-Based Protein

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Eating a vegan diet can be a very healthy lifestyle. However, we need to make sure our diets are balanced. Protein intake is a very important part of rounding out a vegan diet. Contrary to popular belief, protein isn’t just found in a chicken breast or steak. Eating plant-based can help boost your heart health and even help the environment.

Here are six easy-to-use, plant-based protein options you can add to your meals.


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Beans and legumes are a hearty source of plant protein-rich in folate, fiber, iron, phosphorus, and healthy fats. Known for their versatility, they can be eaten hot or cold and added to salads, soups, or pasta. Try roasting chickpeas (garbanzo beans) or making hummus at home to get your serving in. Pair some cooked beans with a high-protein grain like quinoa for double the amount of protein.


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Nuts are a great source of high protein that can be added to salads, muffins, granola, or just eaten on their own as a heart-healthy snack. Any type of nut works for increasing your protein intake, however, almonds are shown to contain the highest amount of protein compared to other nuts. If almonds aren’t your thing, no worries. There are plenty of other nuts to choose from such as walnuts, hazelnuts, and cashews.

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Tofu is the most popular protein substitute. Soy-based products not only have nine essential amino acids but are also high in potassium and iron, making it a convenient source of protein. Use this in any recipe that calls for traditional meat-based protein. Tofu doesn’t have the best reputation but it’s very tasty when prepared properly. Try sauteeing the tofu with your favorite seasoning and sauces. You can also add soy to your diet by incorporating tempeh, soy nuts, soy milk, miso, or edamame.


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Many people forget to add seeds to their vegan diet. Options like hemp or flax seeds provide essential amino acids while remaining low in calories but high in fiber. They can be added in smoothies, granola or breakfast bars for their texture and health benefits. Soaking chia seeds overnight in your favorite non-dairy milk to make pudding is an easy way to make a high protein snack. 

Plant-Based Beef

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This option might seem like a familiar substitute but this concept is fairly new. Many of us have eaten veggie burgers but this new version is so much more versatile to add in any savory recipe. Plant-based beef is most commonly made from a blend of brown rice, peas, a variety of beans, and healthy fats, such as coconut oil. This type of beef is also an easy way to up your calcium and iron levels.  

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Plant Protein Powder

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This is a good option to add to your diet if you want an extra boost of protein. Add this in smoothies, shakes, or coffee to take your morning routine to the next level. Keep an eye out that your protein powder is also vegan. Some plant protein powders may contain collagen-based animal products or honey. Most plant protein powders are made from peas, hemp, or chia seeds.


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