Inaugural International Virtual Wellness Summit – Powered By Plantie

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We are extremely excited to announce the launch of the first-ever Virtual Wellness Summit, powered by Plantie.

The event will take place virtually on Saturday, June 27th from 10am – 6pm EST.

Plantie will host a series of sessions across food, fitness, health, wellness, and mindfulness. Where mentors will engage with attendees via 30 minutes of live and interactive sessions.

Make a Change

This wellness summit is perfect for those looking to make a change in their lives. It is an ideal opportunity to learn invaluable life skills. That will help folks on their path to a happier, healthier lifestyle, and planet.

We recognize that the road to altering habits, routines and mindset is a long one. But with this summit, We aim to equip you with the right tools to start you on the path to health and happiness.

By adopting simple daily rituals, It is so easy to make a noticeable difference in your personal and mental wellbeing, So we have invited experts from around the globe to share their personal stories and to give a taste of their individual crafts. We have experts spanning authors, doctors, nutritionists, yogis, and more to help you on your journey.

Interactive Sessions

Overall, These 10 mentors will give 15 minute live sessions, followed by interactive Q&As. Enabling the audience to get their questions answered on topics ranging from yoga, fitness, nutritional tips, sleep, CBD uses, and more.

Attendees can log in at any time during the summit, and receive text reminders and notifications for their selected panels and lectures. ensuring no one misses out on the experts they want to learn from.

Sound like something for you? Take the next step in unlocking the better version of you by signing up for this FREE full day of wellness right here.

Also, look out for future events that will be enlisted exclusively here in Plantie.


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