The Four Best Balcony Gardening Ideas

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Having a balcony is the perfect way to bring a piece of the outside world closer to your home.  Imagine being able to step out onto your balcony and be surrounded by the beautiful garden that you created! Plantie has some balcony gardening ideas on how you can cultivate a green space that is unique to a small spot.

Privacy Plants

anna-m. w. | Pexels

If you find yourself desiring more privacy, tailor your garden to fit your personal needs.

Adding some large plants around the area will conceal your personal space in a natural way. Some examples that will create this effect include citrus trees, palm plants, and large ferns.

Another unique way to use nature to build an oasis is through crawling or climbing plants. Depending on the climate you live in some options are wisteria, roses, ivy, or clematis.

Set up whichever plant you choose along the balcony railings, allowing it to grow over, around, and down the rails.

Hanging Planters

Stephanie Harvey | Unsplash

Use the perimeter of the balcony to bring more greenery into your location through hanging planters. They can hold flowers, herbs or other small plants to create a mini garden right outside your door.

When dealing with a limited area, create more room by attaching them to the outside of the railings. This way you have space to move around and still can see your plants.  It also allows for more space on the floor if you want to add a few potted plants. 

The containers can be store bought or handmade with recycled pieces of wood to make boxes. Using planters alongside your railings will create a natural and beautiful border. 

Trellis Wall

Roman Kraft | Unsplash

Some balconies have walls on either side which is a perfect canvas to develop a trellis wall. Either buy a new one or refurbish an old piece of trellis and attach it firmly to the side.

By placing plants to grow up and around the structure, it will create a green facade.

There are different types of plants to choose from that will work best to make this effect possible. You will want a type of climbing plant such as clematis, ivy, morning glories, or certain roses. Choosing one that has flowers will add a nice pop of color to your outdoor living space.

Ladder Shelves

Ksenia Chernaya | Pexels

A unique way to include a garden on your balcony is by adding a ladder-style shelf system.  There are various products you can buy or build to make this possible. The basic concept is a ladder structure where each step acts as a shelf.

These shelves are the perfect size for holding short plants such as succulents or herbs. If you want to get creative you can put some taller plants at the top so that their branches or flowers can droop down over the ladder.

This design is a space-saving idea when it is leaned up against the wall where it can be enjoyed.

Find out which technique will produce the perfect balcony garden for you!


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