The easiest vegetables to grow for a novice gardener

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If you growing vegetables for the first time are unsure what to do, Plantie has plenty of tips and tricks for the easiest vegetables to grow. The benefit of growing your own vegetables is that you spend less time grocery shopping and it is more environmentally friendly. Additionally, there is something delicious about dishes made using homegrown vegetables. Here is our list of the top 5 vegetables you should try cultivating in your garden.


Kelly Neil | Unsplash

A large yard is ideal for creating a raised bed or if you have less space, use a pot or vertical stakes. Sunshine is the key to growing a crisp cucumber so make sure you plant them in an area with plenty of light. Add mulch or hay as a top layer to the soil to retain moisture and keep the plants hydrated.


Dan Gold | Unsplash

Tomatoes make an excellent plant for gardening newbies. They are easy to maintain and extremely fast-growing. As they get bigger, you can trim the side branches to ensure higher production. Another trick is to use eggshells to place the plant, it produces stronger and fast blooming tomatoes.


Jan Kaluza | Unsplash

Summer or winter squash are both easy to grow and can be used in numerous recipes. Summer squash should be planted when there is no forecast of winter frost while winter squash should be planted during the middle of the summer season. These grown better in larger areas as they need space to expand as well as long hours of sunlight.

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Prince Abid | Unsplash

Peppers require deep and rich soil, so if that is not readily available in your yard, consider adding compost material to aid in their success. When you see the first sign of flowers, do not get too excited, you must pinch them off! This does not ruin the plant, instead, it encourages further growth.


Stephanie Moody | Unsplash

Not your typical backyard plant, lettuce is surprisingly easy to include in your garden. It flourishes in cooler weather so aim to plant the seeds in the spring or fall seasons for best results. Since it has shallow roots, it is possible to grow them in a planter or a window box.

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freepik | freepik

One of the first plants you should incorporate into your garden, peas should be planted during early spring even if there is frost later. For sweeter produce, be sure to position them to face the full sun. Easy-peasy!

Green Beans

Bob Bowie | Unsplash

Do not plant green beans too early in the spring or they will not thrive. Use a pole, stake, or trellis to allow the beans to grow tall. Since they grow in the heat of summer, be sure to keep them hydrated to continue their progress.

Go outside and discover how simple it is to grow your own produce!

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