The Best Hiking Trail Apps

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Hiking is one of the most eco-friendly types of sports. It does not involve any extra gear or transportation and the process is practically carbon-free. At the same time, hiking is great for your budget and does not involve too many expenses. All you need is some water, a snack, and a phone with a GPS navigator and some cool hiking apps to help to find the best trail. Here are 3 great apps to make your hiking experience more exciting!

1. Seek

Video by WWF International

Seek is a mobile app that helps you recognize plants and animals that you see on your journey. The app aims to teach travelers more about nature without extra effort. 

The app scans the image of a living organism and creates a detailed profile of it. Seek can recognize anything that you see while hiking, flowers, and mushrooms to birds and wild animals. Apart from reading and learning something new about the environment around, you can play with your co-travelers and earn badges. The one who observes the most – wins!

The app is available on IOS and Android.

2. PeakVisor

Video by Denis Bulichenko

PeakVisor is a free app that will take your hiking navigation experience to the next level. The app creates stunning 3D maps and identifies all the mountains around you.

PeakVisor is the perfect app for those who want to hike in the highest mountain trails. It is the most convenient way to explore the area around the mountains, find the greatest viewpoints and create passes. You do not necessarily need to be next to the mountain and take its picture to get the info. With PeakVisor you can build routes ahead of time and explore the desired mountain trails before starting your journey.

When winter comes, PeakVisor will show you detailed skiing and snowboarding routes. The 3D maps allow you a better understanding of snowy cliffs and terrain.

The best part about PeakVisor is, it is available worldwide and works offline!

The app is available on IOS and Android.

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3. AllTrails

Video by AllTrails

AllTrails is an important app for hikers because it has everything in one place. The app builds your hiking routes, creates interactive detailed maps, and tracks your progress.

With the help of AllTrails you can find the greatest routes, in advance, and see reviews and photos by other hikers. The app is essential for any kind of traveler as it lets you filter dog-friendly, kid-friendly, and wheelchair-friendly trails.

You can also create a bucket of your favorite routes and share it with friends and family on social media to inspire others to start hiking.

The app is available on IOS and Android.


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