The 5 Best House Plants for Small Spaces

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Plants can change the vibe of any living space, making it look fancier, aesthetically appealing, and most importantly, refreshing for owners. However, not everyone can afford extra space for gardening.

Well, the good news is this: There are exquisite plants that can fit in the corners of your room or ceiling without taking much space. These plants will not only bloom in your living area but will also bring you close to nature within your own surroundings. So, here are the best plants that you can grow in small spaces.

Aloe Vera

pisauikan | Unsplash

Aloe Vera or the aloe plant is an herb that needs less care and grows well in small spaces with access to sunlight. It is of great medicinal value as it purifies the surrounding air. Due to its antioxidant and antibacterial strength, it can effectively heal sunburn or cuts if applied on your face and skin. Moreover, the juice extract of its leaves can be used as a mouthwash to treat dental decay. All such miraculous characters make aloe vera a must-grow plant for every household.

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Jade Plant

Felipe Salgado | Unsplash

This eye-soothing succulent is easy to maintain and a good choice for your space especiallyif you’re new to growing plants. It grows well when placed in a pot near the window. Infeng shui, the jade plant is conceived auspiciously and often termed as the “good luck plant”or the “money attracting plant.” With its delightful presence, it is a pretty addition for small indoor spaces

Boston Fern

Kelly Sikkema | Unsplash

Boston fern grows with rich green foliage and shows optimum growth when placed in sunlit areas of the home. It will embellish the empty corners and ceiling of your abode with its beautiful branches and leaves, plus rid the surrounding air from common pollutants. For small spaces, it is truly a perfect and convenient choice to freshen up your living experience.

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Peace Lily

Mitchel Lensink | Unsplash

Peace lilies are the best plants for your bedroom as it imbibes extra moisture from the air and prevents the formation of disease-causing mold spores. It can be easily grown in small spaces with low-light settings and is safe for your pets as it is free of toxic ingredients. Having flowers alike white bracts and bright green leaves, this enamoring plant is sure to attract the sight of anyone who visits your nest.


Liam Read | Unsplash

With its vivacious red flowers and elegant evergreen look, anthurium is counted among the
top house plants for small spaces. It can be easily grown in a small pot placed at a spot in
your room that receives good sunlight. This lovable plant adds vivid colors to your living
space, absorbs impure elements from the air, and also gives a natural feel to your home
décor settings. Its other common name is flamingo lily and as per the ancient Greek legend,
flowers of anthurium denote Cupid’s arrows.


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