Our Top Beauty Products to Help Soothe & Calm a Busy Mind

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Aromatherapy and calming essential oils have long been used by people to relax and refresh the mind and body. Here are some of the top beauty products. To help soothe and calm your mind in the mind as you go through a stressful day.

1. Dream Dream Night Oil from Neighborhood Botanicals

An ideal way to calm down and empty your mind at the end of a busy day, Dream Dream Night Oil from Neighborhood Botanicals is a face oil that can be used in place of a night cream. This oil hydrates the skin throughout the night and is designed to help you sleep. With added vitamin C it increases the skin’s elasticity and regeneration, promotes collagen growth, while fatty acids hydrate and plump up the complexion. With a spicy, flowery scent this night oil is made to center yourself and destress.

2. Aloe, Chamomile, and Lavender facial spray from Mario Badescu

A facial spray is a perfect product with which to take a moment out for yourself, as it is both relaxing and refreshing. Mario Badescu’s facial sprays have a spritzer which coats your skin in a light mist, and the additions of aloe, chamomile, and lavender, are well known to be calming for the skin as well as the mind. This would be especially ideal during the summer, to refresh yourself throughout the day and cool you down.

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3. Cooling Water Stick from Milk Makeup

Packed with seawater, caffeine, and aloe, Milk Makeup’s Cooling Water is ideal for morning use as it hydrates and locks the moisture in throughout the day. The seawater aids irritated skin and feels soothing, while the caffeine de-puffs the face and under-eye area. Its packaging makes it easy to keep on hand and apply throughout the day and makes it portable for overnight trips.

4. Watermelon Sleeping Mask from Glow Recipe

This Watermelon Sleeping Mask from a well-known Korean brand promises to hydrate and clarify your skin to give it a skin glow and radiance. Watermelon extract is popular in Korean skincare because of its soothing properties, reducing inflammation and calming irritation thanks to the antioxidants in it. Hyaluronic acid locks in moisture to maintain the skin’s hydration, while alpha-hydroxy acids exfoliate and balance the skin. The gel formula is lightweight and cooling, making this a great product to soothe the skin and the mind.

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5. Jade Facial Roller

Photo by Cottonbro

A calming addition to your skincare routine which can be used in conjunction with other products, a facial roller forces you to take some time out and focus on your skin, and even improves the effectiveness of other skincare products. It can also be stored in the fridge to cool your skin while massaging, which improves the texture of your skin and helps to de-puff by draining the lymph. When cool, it tightens the skin and soothes persistent headaches at the end of a busy day.


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