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Vegan cooking has been growing in popularity each year. From more vegan options in grocery stores to new restaurants popping up, people are expressing an interest in veganism.

Tabitha Brown is a perfect example of the ever-evolving future of vegan cooking, whole Foods ambassador has taken the world by storm by posting quick vegan recipes on TikTok and earning two million viewers.

Her videos have gained traction for both her sparkling personality and her tasty recipes.

People like Brown are spreading vegan cooking to audiences who probably wouldn’t have been exposed to it otherwise.

Since TikTok is wildly popular among Gen Z, it’s amazing to think they’re learning about new ways to eat.

1.  Minimalist Baker’s Everyday Cooking

The hardcover cookbook features 101 vegan (and mostly gluten-free) recipes that are simple to make. The book offers a resources section at the start before the recipes begin. There are some easy,  classic recipes for DIY Almond Milk, a Vegan Parmesan, and Easy Vegan BBQ Sauce, and more. The cookbook features the following sections: Breakfast, Appetizers + Sides, Main Dishes, Desserts, and Beverages. As well as a portion of staple pantry items and nutritional information for each recipe.

2. Thug Kitchen: The Official Cookbook     

Die-hard meat-eaters and vegans have most likely heard of this popular cookbook. This vegan staple offers a large variety of dishes from party foods like chips and salsa to classic lasagna. In sections called “Dropping Knowledge,” the authors serve up easy-to-learn nutrition and cooking facts with a side of curse words.

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3. 15 Minute Vegan: On A Budget: Fast, Modern Vegan Food That Costs Less By Katy Beskow

15 Minute Vegan: On a Budget offers 100 recipes for people who want to create effortless, fast, and delicious vegan food, without the high price point that comes along with it. Every ingredient can be purchased in supermarkets and is ready in 15 minutes or less. This is a book for both non-vegans and vegans who want to make cost-effective meals without sacrificing flavor. The cookbook’s categories are leftovers, pantry recipes, fresh food, family favorites, and sweet treats. As you flip through the book, some of Beskow’s recipes might catch your eye like lentil ragu, mushroom katsu curry, or Black Forest cookies, to name a few.

4. How To Be Vegan And Keep Your Friends Cookbook

As a vegan, you’re being healthy, considerate to the planet, and compassionate toward animals. From going out for dinner to staying in with friends, it can be a challenge to cook, eat, and socialize vegan in a world of carnivores. This cookbook is extremely helpful for vegans who are sharing a meal or other social activity with non-vegans.

How To Be Vegan and Keep Your Friends arms you with 50 recipes you can cook for yourself, friends, and family (without hearing any complaints), as well as tips, tricks, and hacks for being a better, more easygoing vegan.

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5. Food 52 Vegan Cookbook

This cookbook from Food52’s New Veganism columnist Gena Hamshaw teaches how anyone can learn how to eat more plants and incorporate unexpected ingredients in meals (like cashew cheese, tofu, and nutritional yeast).

This handbook includes 60 stand-out recipes—some brand new, others beloved Food52 favorites, such as the Sweet Pea Hummus, Tempeh Kebabs, and more.

Maybe you will try the Roasted Cauliflower and Freekeh Salad or the Chai-Spiced Bread Pudding, and once you cook from this book a few times, you’ll start looking at vegan dishes in a whole new way.


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