Our Five Favorite Green Clothing Brands

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Sustainable clothing brands are aiming to replace fast fashion in the next few decades. The number of eco-friendly produced clothes are growing year by year. Startups are getting creative and surprise the audience with accessories and shoes made of trash and recycled material. In this article, we’ve collected five of our favorite sustainable green clothing brands.


The Netherlands-based clothing brand UNRAVELAU is aiming to recycle 100% of the material used during the clothing production. Most of the pieces are denim which makes it even easier to reuse the fabric for future collections. Furthermore, all clothes are ethically produced and handmade in Holland.

2. Amour Vert

Amour Vert is a sustainable clothing brand with a zero-waste philosophy. The company uses fair-traded and recycled material, non-toxic dyes, and sustainable fabrics for their collections. But also as a bonus, for every tee sold, Amour Vert plants one tree in collaboration with the American Forest organization.

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3. People Tree

People Tree is one of the pioneers in sustainable clothing production. When founded in 1991, the company aimed for the most environmentally friendly brand in the market. Thirty years later, the core mission of People Tree is still the same which is spreading awareness of climate change and producing low-impact fashion items.

4. Rens Original

Rens Original is one of the greenest shoe producers of 2020. The company creates shoes made of 100% upcycled materials. Additionally, all sneakers are made of wasted coffee and recycled plastic. The shoes sold at an affordable price and come in various colors. Furthermore, all Rens sneakers are waterproof, light, and odor-free.

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5. Lovia

Also, Lovia is known for creating trash bags. Yes, the company turns trash to treasure to create handbags and other accessories significantly. In one of the latest collections, a wasted leather sofa used to produce colorful purses. The design of Lovia bags is minimalist chic. Generally, all waste is collected and upcycled in Finland.


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