Mushroom Coffee: What’s The Big Deal?

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A piping hot cup of coffee right when you wake up is one of life’s little pleasures. There is no better way to start your day. But what if I told you that coffee can be made of more than just beans? What if I told you that a new type of coffee made from mushrooms could be even better? I know that sounds weird but hear me out, mushroom coffee is a new way to enjoy your favorite morning beverage, with some extra health benefits to boot. Still do not believe me? Let us look at what mushroom coffee is and why you should make the switch.

What Is Mushroom Coffee?

Kaboompics | Pexels

Let us clear one thing up first: mushroom coffee is not the result of putting some ‘shrooms in a bean grinder or blender — it is actually a combination of regular coffee with medicinal mushroom extracts.

To make mushroom coffee, mushrooms are spray-dried to create a concentrated extract of their healthiest nutrients. The process removes the fiber found in mushrooms leaving you with only the “superfood” properties.

There are a few varieties of mushrooms that are commonly used to create this coffee extract, including Chaga, Cordyceps, and Reishi. Sorry to all you shiitake fans, but those are not quite made for sipping.

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What Are the Benefits of Mushroom Coffee?

Kira auf der Heide | Unsplash

Before we discuss the potential health benefits of mushroom coffee, it is important to note that there is little scientific data to fully support these claims. So, while they might be true, take the following information with a pinch of salt.

Now, there are many bold claims out there about mushroom coffee and how it can benefit your health. According to those who routinely drink mushroom coffee, it can boost brain function, revitalize your metabolism, and strengthen your immune system. Some have also claimed that it helps relieve stress making it easier to fall asleep. If true, these are some incredible benefits.

Since those are scientifically unproven, however, we will give you information that is absolutely true. Mushroom coffee is noticeably less acidic than regular coffee, which means that people who have sensitive stomachs or avoid acidic drinks might enjoy it. It is also lower in caffeine, though that might not be a benefit for everyone (we cannot all be morning people).

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Should You Drink Mushroom Coffee?

Candice Picard | Unsplash

Like most things dietary, it really depends on your personal preference. Most mushroom coffee tastes almost like a regular cup ‘o joe but often comes with a higher price tag. Likewise, the potential health benefits are exciting, but until they are proven you might want to hold off on spending extra.

Regardless, mushrooms offer a plethora of health benefits, whether they are in your coffee or not. With more time and studies, mushroom coffee could present itself as an excellent substitute for regular beans. In the meantime, we think this concoction is worth a try. It tastes like regular coffee and potentially helps your body feel better, so what is not to love?

Have you tried mushroom coffee? If so, what did you think of it? Which mushroom blend was your favorite? Let us know!


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