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In the first edition of a brand new series of Q&A sessions with experts and instructors in our community, we invited Marina Yanay-Triner (aka @soulintheraw) – a plant-based transformational coach – to answer the burning questions of our Facebook community.

Here’s a recap – we know we found it really valuable, and we hope you will too!

David asks: what would be your one top tip to people who are exploring plant-based eating, having come from eating non-plant-based all their lives?

Marina: Rely on reliable sources for your information! I provide great info on my website and all of it leans on evidence-based nutrition. I recommend getting your nutrition information from plant based doctors and plant based healthcare professionals.

Some of my favorites: Dr. Michael Greger and nutritionfacts.org, Angie Sadeghi, Neal Barnard and PCRM, Dr. Esselstyn, Milton Mills, Dr. Campbell, and many more!

JoJo asks: plant-based living has become much more widely known, accepted and appreciated in recent years – both socially and in terms of products being created and available. How do you see it further developing from here?

Marina: I definitely see it becoming a mainstream thing! Right now, it’s a consensus to eat mostly plant based, at least in the scientific nutrition community. I believe it’ll become a consensus to eat entirely plant based in a few years, especially with things like covid and other viruses!

Jess asks: do you have any tips for staying on track with a plant based diet while on the move/travelling?

Marina: It’s definitely one of my favorite things to do! I’ve got a super helpful video all about that here. It’s all about planning!

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Ant asks: What are your favorite plant-based restaurants?

Marina says: I live in San Diego and we have lots here! My favorite is Trilogy Sanctuary, Peace Pies, and Jiyoti Bihanga which is vegetarian but has tons of vegan dishes. I miss them so much during this quarantine!

Kayla asks: do you have any tips for plant-based eaters who cohabitate with non-plant based eaters?

Marina: Yes! On the behavioral side, learn to make dishes that you can serve them as a side, and yourself as the main meal, which can really be anything, salads, soups etc – buddha bowls are great for this.

But then there’s the emotional and mindset part of this…

My advice is to definitely not pressure them to join you on your plant based lifestyle. Rather, inspire them by enjoying it yourself and making awesome meals for yourself. You can of course answer their questions and share with them how much you love eating this way, but don’t pressure them, even if you really want to, because this can turn many people off.

Remember that your relationship with them is the most important part, so every action should support the love and bond you have with them. And if you want to go even deeper, check this out.

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Dmitry asks: what would you say is the biggest misconception about plant-based eating?

Marina: That it’s hard to do! Anything can be easy, but it all starts with your mindset. So if someone is finding it super hard, that’s when they should take a look at their thoughts. If they’re constantly thinking “this is so hard”, it definitely will be, and that’s where transformational coaching comes in to help you question those thoughts!

It’s really cool, because this process can actually create transformation in many parts of our lives, because if we have this mindset/pattern about plant-based food, then it surely shows up in other areas of our lives.

Joey asks: can you recommend any good mozzarella/feta cheese plant-based alternatives?

Marina: Of course it won’t be exactly like the real thing, but I always suggest making your own rather than buying mock cheeses because most are ultra processed. Try this delicious and very simple recipe.

Lauren asks: what would you say is the most challenging part of deciding to adopt a plant-based lifestyle?

Marina: I think it really depends on the personality of the one eating this way, and definitely whatever it happens to be for a particular person, it may be a pattern for them that shows up in many areas in their lives. Some things I’ve seen with clients: cravings, feeling lonely with it and not liking being the only one, and lacking creative meal ideas.

Sam asks: what is your favourite PB recipe that you love to cook?

Marina: I love Buddha bowls because they’re so versatile and you can get so many nutrients in just one bowl!! Here’s a recipe example.

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Georgia asks: one thing that I was sceptical of when I first thought about turning plant-based was ensuring I could get enough protein in my diet. What food sources do you recommend to enable someone on a plant-based diet to consume enough protein on a daily basis?

Marina: That’s a super common fear that I hear often! So firstly, it’s important to note that we don’t require as much protein as is commonly believed, but yes, it’s important to eat a variety of foods and not choose an overly restrictive pb diet! For example, raw vegan or fruitarian – this is how I ate for 4 years and you can definitely run into major deficiencies that way, even possibly protein, but still not likely!

Anyway, great sources are legumes like lentils and beans, whole grains, and nuts and seeds. As long as people eat a variety, they’ll do great!

Thank you again Marina! for taking the time to field the community’s questions. You can learn more about on what she does in her website.


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