How To Turn Plant-Based When the Rest of Your Household is Not

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Have you watched enough documentaries about veganism, done enough research about the benefits of a vegan diet, and feel ready to start eating only plant-based food to feel stronger, happier, and healthier? Great! 

Unfortunately, there are some hurdles along the way. It must have happened to some of you along your journey to a plant-based lifestyle – somebody said something negative about your diet choices, your family members are annoyed because of “extras” during a shared meal or give you too much attention and make you feel bad about your diet choices? It is a tough world, but we have got you covered with ideas about how to turn and stay vegan when the rest of your household is not!

If you have not already done so, educate yourself! Knowledge is key when it comes to changing your habits. Try reading, listening, and watching documentaries about the vegan diet, the benefits on your health, and the environment so that you have all the information ready when somebody questions your behavior or when your lazy mind wants to talk you back into old habits. 

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Furthermore, it is all about sharing your passion for vegan food! Be the one that encourages others to use their curiosity and test a new way of living and feeling. If your household members are open to talking about the topic, let them know how excited you were when you first started changing your diet, what motivated you, and moved you. Most of the time, a vegan diet comes with greater awareness of your own health and the environment. Through a natural process, a lover of organic and plant-based food will always question old habits and food choices and its lasting impact on the body and planet. 

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Share your vegan meals and let the result speak for itself! Your friends and family do not have to know that what you just served them is plant-based. It might be put down as a result of your wonderful cooking skills.

Ask for support! I know, sometimes it is not easy to ask for something from somebody. But if it has been hard enough to fight for your opinion, try and ask for support. Even if your household members, friends, and family do not agree with you, it is for the sake of your own mental wellbeing. 

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Be empathic! Remember, that your decisions may be the same as that of other people around you. You should consider and listen to their opinions and approach to food. Be patient and show respect to each other’s opinions without judgment. By sharing different opinions and emotions, we can come together and be part of something bigger than us. 


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