How To Support Black-Owned Vegan Businesses Now & Everyday

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According to a recently published report in the Washington Post, there has been a serious decrease in Black-Owned Vegan Businesses, around 40%, during the COVID-19 outbreak. Moreover, the George Floyd case and the nationwide riots following the #BLM movements have caused a lot of pain to our fellow African Americans.

It is time for us all to learn from all the unjust treatment meted out to them and show our firm support to the brave, bold, and hard-working ‘black’ community, and to do this we need to think of ways to directly help them. Non-violent protests and social media campaigns like #BlackLivesMatter are a good way to raise our voices in support of a cause, but the next step should be to implement actions that could have a long-lasting positive impact.

One effective way of doing so is to start supporting local black-owned vegan businesses, this initiative will not only support black lives but will also inculcate a sense of harmony amongst people from diverse races. Vegan food itself is a symbol of harmony and peace with nature; it motivates people to connect with other beings and promotes equality. Our African friends, who are involved in the vegan business, need our support, now more than ever. To help you do this, here are some of the ways in which we can support black-owned vegan businesses:

Use online services to locate Afro-American-owned vegan restaurants

black-owned-online-businesses | Unsplash

Also, with the help of several online directories, events, and apps, you can easily locate some of the finest African American owned vegan food spots in your locality. Some of the popular services that give you easy access to such businesses are:

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Show your support to Afro-American food organizations

Cassandra Hamer | Unsplash

Moreover, there are numerous communities and organizations that promote the interest of black farmers, gardeners, and black-owned restaurants. Generally, these groups are actively engaged in elevating the standard of black lives and raising their voices for equality. Given below are the names of some of the top black food organizations:

Go and experience the best of Afro-American-owned vegan brands and businesses

Undoubtedly, the streets and markets of America have some of the most enjoyable black-owned vegan food eateries – eco-friendly, plant-based brands, and charming vegan food restaurants. Let us take a look at some of these:

  • NuVegan Cafe – Vernon Woodland and Lynn Woodland serve their scrumptious vegan burgers, ginger-flavored tofu, and plant-based sandwiches from this lovable café in Washington, DC.
  • Veltree – Charlotte, NC has this famous black woman-owned vegan restaurant, which offers delightful dishes and promotes local artists through their open-mic events. It is a place dedicated entirely to the vegan cause.
  • Partake Foods It is a one-of-a-kind brand from Denise Woodard that produces allergy-free vegan snacks and cookies. The success of this brand can be measured by the huge investment it received from hip-hop star Jay-Z.
  • Simply Pure – Plant-based food is reaching new heights with dishes like Jicama cheese fries and Mama Mia Lasagna. This wonderful vegan place is located at 707 Fremont Street, Las Vegas.

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Also, you can show your direct support to the black-owned vegan businesses by visiting these and other such cool places, enjoying the lovable food there, and posting actively about your memorable experiences on social media.


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