How To Make Coconut Milk

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Nut milk is our favorite simple drink to make, which is why we’re back with another round of recipes for you. This time, we’re shining the spotlight on coconut milk and how to make it at home. To remind you why we love nut milk so much, we want you to remember that making your own milk at home has no unnatural additives, is much more cost-effective, and you’re in full control of your health. It is also the easiest way to make nut milk as you don’t need to leave the shredded coconut in a bowl of water overnight. Coconut milk is one of our favorites due to the natural sweetness & texture that coconuts bring. Perhaps the best thing about making your own coconut milk is knowing that you’re doing your part for the global plant-based movement.


What You Need:

  • A high powered blender (Ninja, Vitamix, etc)
  • Dried Coconut
  • Water
  • A Nut Bag
  • Mason Jars
  • Mixing Bowl
  • Extras: Cinnamon, Vanilla or Honey for extra sweetness

Step One: Place a bowl’s worth of shredded coconut into your high powered blender along with a bowl of fresh filtered water. Blend until you see a smooth, milky white colored liquid. Feel free to add extra natural ingredients such as cinnamon, vanilla, or honey for sweetness.

Step Two: To strain the milk, grab your nut bag and large mixing bowl. Place the nut bag inside of the mixing bowl and pour the milk out of the blender into the bowl. Knead the bag until liquid is strained.

Step three: Store your milk inside of a mason jar or large quart jug and place inside the refrigerator. Your milk will last 3-5 days.


Feel free to keep your milk cold to enjoy. You also have the option to heat it up in the microwave for a soothing warm milk break as well. Tell us when you love to enjoy your homemade coconut milk the most in the comments.

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