How To Celebrate 4th July at Home

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If this year’s July 4th has you celebrating at home, Plantie has some ideas on how to make sure this U.S. Independence Day celebration is one of the best.

1. Fire Up the Grill!

Photo by Vincent Keiman

What is a Fourth of July celebration without grilling? Plantie has lots of great suggestions for grilling vegetables and how to create your own ‘meat’ burgers to slap over the coals.

2. Prepare Some No-bake Desserts!

Photo by Artem Maltsev

Let us face it, the Fourth of July is for indulging in fun, easy and scrumptious recipes. Preparing a no-bake dish is a great activity to do with kids because they can learn, get a (little) messy and there is no hot oven involved, so it is safer. Plus, it is hot outside! No one wants to turn on an oven in July.

Plantie has several great no-bake vegan sweets at the ready, including carrot cake (yes, a no-bake carrot cake!). We also have a triple threat recipe page of dark chocolate almond butter cups, no-bake key lime pie bars, and cherry pie energy balls.

3. Take a Dip, or a Slip

Photo by wavebreakmedia-micro

Got a pool? Well, then spending the day (or entire weekend) at the poolside with your favorite plant-based drinks and snacks is a no-brainer. Remember those slip n’ slides that filled backyards in the ‘80s? Well, there are lots of brands and sizes to choose from these days and they can be a great option for your Independence Day at home. Make sure you do your homework because certain styles are designed for certain age ranges.

4. Movies: Inside or Out

Photo by Geoff Sloan

July 4th is the perfect time to catch up on your ‘to watch’ list and chill, inside or outdoors. If you are looking to splurge you can choose from a variety of large screen TVs to rent. You and your family can also set up a projector to watch your favorite flicks outside.

5. Enjoy Fireworks and Sparklers

Photo by Laurentiu Iordache

Many cities and towns across the country are keeping up the Independence Day fireworks tradition so that you can enjoy them from your balcony or backyard. And with the proper precautions, you can enjoy sparklers outside.

6. Boston Pops

Photo by Dave Kaylor

No live fireworks in your vicinity? Then check out the Boston Pops! If you have a projector outside, this classic show can be your outdoor entertainment for the evening.

7. Do Your Part for Independence

Photo by Mattia Faloretti

Even as the U.S. gears up to celebrate its 243rd independence, lots of people in the country do not have access to equal rights. This July 4th, consider donating or letter-writing from home to a campaign you believe in. Black Lives Matter has petitions and campaigns to help with, as does Freedom for Immigrants, which helps end immigration detention. Certainly, plant-based organizations in your radius need help in their social media or newsletter campaigns. See how you can help them from your own living room.   


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