How Keeping Plants in Your Home Positively Affects Your Mental Health

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Plants are wonderful companions to keep in your gardens and in your homes. Aside from being beautiful and bringing some life to your home decor, plants have legitimate healing benefits for people. 

Unfortunately, many people do not have a lot of space for a garden or a large number of houseplants. However, the good news is that you do not need to have a lot of plants (or extra space) in order to reap the rewards. 

Here are some ways in which house plants in your home can help boost your mental health and wellness. 

They Can Improve Mood

Photo by freepik

Research has shown that having plants around can help bolster mood. This can be as simple as having bouquets of cut flowers around, or as intensive as tending to your own garden. Cohabitating with houseplants can also be incredibly mood-improving. Aesthetically speaking, they brighten up spaces and add a spark of life to your decor. On a deeper level, having plants in the home can be very grounding, and tending to their care can be a relaxing and positive thing to incorporate into your daily routine. An added bonus is that they help purify the air in your home. 

They Can Reduce Anxiety and Depression

Photo by Pixabay

Aside from boosting moods, houseplants may have some serious therapeutic benefits for people suffering from persistent mental health issues. According to reports, there are even doctors out there who are “prescribing” houseplants for folks that are experiencing anxiety or depression. Of course, this would be in conjunction with other therapies. However, houseplants are another way of trying to lift the mood. The same applies to going out. Hiking or nature walks is a wonderful idea for those struggling with anxiety and depression. 

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They Help Teach Patience

Photo by Polina Zimmerman

In a world where we are used to instant gratification, houseplants can teach us about the value of patience. No matter how much we try, a plant will grow at its own pace. Modern life is full of stress and rushing around, so, having plants around is a great way to just slow down and live in the present. They remind us that things move in cycles, and that with enough time, all things change. 

They Promote Mindfulness

Photo by cottonbro

Part of the reason that plants can boost mood is that caring for them is very grounding. Stress tends to melt away when caring for plants, as you are mindful and present in each moment. Mindfulness is often cited as being incredibly beneficial for mental health and keeping plants in your home is another way to promote living in the moment.

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They Help People Feel Connected to Nature

Photo by StockSnap

Modern life does not stress the importance of a connection with nature, which is unfortunate considering the fact that many people could benefit from a little “nature therapy”. Additionally, many people in urban areas live further away from wild green spaces, and no longer live off the land as some of the generations that came before us. This results in a huge disconnect with nature. Keeping plants around your living space is a wonderful way to reconnect with that natural energy. 

Ultimately, houseplants are not just a gorgeous way to brighten up your space, they are also a powerful way to help boost your mental health. So, the next time you are in the mood for some “retail therapy”, maybe forego the mall and head over to the nursery instead!

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