Ten Plant-Based Toast Topping Ideas

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A piece of toast or two with the right toppings can be a great way to start your day. Here are ten plant-based toast toppings that are just as delicious as they are nutritious!

Creamy Eggplant Toast

© One Green Planet

This toast topping brings a little Middle Eastern flair to your breakfast. Using baked eggplant slices and garlic cloves topped with tomato, lemon juice, capers, cucumber, parsley, and tahini, this tasty topper will spice up your morning while giving you all the nutrients you need to have a great day.

Discover how to prep this toast topper here.

Sweet Potato Toast

For a special something-something that’s creamy and delicious, look no further than this mashed sweet potato spread! Made with just the mashed sweet potatoes, tahini, and some pumpkin seeds, this spread is a smooth and tasty spread that’ll make your toast terrific.

Read the recipe and prep instructions here!

Nutty Chocolate Coconut Spread

If you want your breakfast to taste like dessert while still being healthy, this is the spread you’re looking for. Made with chocolate pecan butter, and topped with shredded coconut and pecans, this spread will give you the sweet satisfaction you crave.

Check out this recipe and its prep instructions here!

Coconut “Smoothie” Toast

Speaking of sweet spreads, here’s another one that’ll have your taste buds singing! Mix together coconut milk fat with smashed blueberries and a dash of maple syrup, then spoon it onto your toast before adding strawberries and granola. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying a little slice of heaven.

Check out this recipe and other “smoothie” toasts here!

And now for tasty toast toppings that require little to no effort…

Tex Mex Toast

Keep your toast a little north of the border with this simple topping combination. Just mash your favorite beans with some onion, tomato, and hot sauce for a quick and easy topping that’ll have your toast doing the tango. Add salsa, avocado, and lime juice for an even more delicious bite!

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Caprese Toast Topper

© Kraft Canada

Enjoy a little taste of Italy, no mozzarella required! Just slice up some ripe tomatoes, throw on some torn basil leaves, and top with a few splashes of balsamic vinegar. It’s easy, delicious, and classy!

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Nut Butter Topper

abe livi | Unsplash

Nut butter on toast is a classic combination, but you can dress it up even more for bigger flavor. One of our favorites is natural peanut butter topped with sliced bananas, a sprinkle of cinnamon, and flax seeds.

Homemade Fruit Spread

Brooke Lark | Unsplash

Skip the grocery store’s sugar-filled jams and make your own tasty spread instead! Simply cut up your favorite stone fruit (we like apricots), add chopped dates and a little water, then cook on low in a saucepan. Once it cools, blend together and spread it on your toast for a delicious topping!

Mediterranean-Style Toast

Get all the flavors of a pita without the pocket! Spread some hummus or mashed chickpeas on your toast and top it with tomatoes, cucumbers, and spinach for a zesty and delicious toast combination!

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Avocado Toast

Mariana Medvedeva | Unsplash

You can’t have a list of toast toppings without talking about avocado! This fruit is tasty on its own but is even better when topped in a number of ways. For some Southwestern flair, add corn, beans, and jalapenos. If you’re craving a little Thai taste, add shredded purple cabbage, peanuts, and Sriracha. The possibilities are endless.

Those are just ten of our favorite plant-based toast toppings. Let us know which is your favorite, as well as any toppings that we might not have listed here, in the comments section below!


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