Here Are Three Detoxifying Masks Our Skin Is Craving

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Does your new quarantine routine have you requiring a bit (or a lot) of detox? One of the first ways to tell your body is craving a detox is actually through your skin. If your skin is lacking radiance, showing increased redness/inflammation or if you are experiencing more breakouts than usual, it’s probably time for a detox. Detox in short, simply means removing the toxins. While we can’t necessarily remove toxins from our skin, we can give our face an exceptional cleanse and remove impurities that can cause a nasty build-up.

Here are three detoxifying masks our skin is craving right now:

Renee Rouleau Rapid Response Detox Mask​ ​

© Popsugar

Use this mask if you are noticing more blemishes than usual! This mask targets bacteria build-up and oil embedded deep into your pores. Post-mask you will notice reduced redness and irritation, as well as fewer bumps and blemishes! The best part of this mask is it’s quick to deliver promised results! One of its most impressive ingredients is Melaleuca Alternifolia leaf oil which eliminates surface bacteria within the first five minutes of skin exposure!

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Blue Tansy Resurfacing Clarity Mask


This mask is the anecdote for dulling, darkening, and uneven skin tone. Packed with clarifying ingredients, this mask digs deep into pores to purify and even out skin tone. The ​azulene from the blue tansy is a powerful anti-inflammatory that calms irritation and reduces redness and inflammation. Bonus points for this mask being vegan and cruelty-free! You’ll feel this guy working immediately with its tingling effects.

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The Problem Solver Correcting Mask

© The Fruit Compote

Packed with 621 antioxidants, there isn’t much this mask does not achieve. Its unique combo of warm spices increases blood flow and stimulates collagen production. It’s anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties deliver a clean like no other. The clay and sea salt detoxify and smooths out your complexion, while the activated charcoal purifies the skin and removes any excess build-up. Your pores will thank you!

When choosing your detox mask, make sure you pay attention to warnings around sensitive or problem skin. Although detox masks work wonders, it’s very important to avoid causing additional irritation to your face. If at any time you notice any burning beyond just a cooling tingle, wash the mask off immediately and contact the company with your concerns. If you notice any persistent redness post-mask that was not noticeable before, you may be having a reaction to the mask. Discontinue use.

Happy detoxing your way to beautiful, clarified, and rejuvenated skin!


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