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The Covid-19 outbreak has terribly dismantled our social and economic systems. It is also evident that the rampant exploitation of natural resources and animal lives has brought unseen consequences to us. People are striving for their lives in an unprecedented manner, such as the community at Beyond Meat standing together to get through these challenging times.

As a part of their Feed A Million+ pledge

The audacious people at Beyond Meat committed themselves for a cause that aimed at providing healthy and sustainable food to masses completely free of cost. On Monday, April 6, 2020, more than one million Beyond Burgers were distributed for the service of humanity under Feed A Million+ initiative.

Beyond Meat is a sincere part of society

Beyond Meat had envisaged the idea that this pandemic may lockdown lives but it cannot block a person’s inner drive to work for the collective good, right now every individual is in serious need of a bite of hope. Keeping these things in mind, the Beyond Meat community rallied together via multiple channels and started reaching out to those who were severely affected and required immediate help. They worked diligently with their partners to donate Beyond Meat products to food banks across the country.

Fresh meals from Beyond Meat are being constantly delivered to hospitals, community centers, and other frontline organizations. They’ve been truly fortunate to be in a position to break barriers and use food as a carrier of change. The team at Beyond Meat aspires to cater maximum help and happiness to people through the Feed A Million+ pledge.

It’s their strong belief in the human spirit to live in harmony with nature. By means of donating their healthy and delightful Beyond Meat cuisine, the group involved in this process hopes to make lives comfortable. Such devout efforts are contributing to a strong sense of community that is viable and vitally important during these sensitive times.   

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Beyond Meat community

The Beyond Meat community has already nominated its employees and fans for causes that matter most to humanity. They are donating meals to such causes through their various operational outposts setup at closed restaurants in LA and New York. Through these endeavors not only are they recreating jobs but also, with help from Beyond Meat ambassadors and their notable friends, the passionate people are able to provide meals to many NGOs from coast-to-coast.   

After all, it’s all about giving back and the Beyond Meat community is sincerely inspired to achieve this. Let us all stay inspired and dedicated, let’s stay safe and take care of each other.  #GoBeyond.


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