Five Ways To Ease Into a Plant-Based Lifestyle

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Living a sustainable life is hard and takes too much effort? Not in 2020. If you’ve been living an animal-based life to this point and always wanted to try going plant-based lifestyle, here are five simple tips to get started.

Start slow and look for your favorites


The first step on the way to a plant-based journey is finding greener alternatives to some of your favorite products. This can be milk, yogurt, or even meat products! There are dozens of plant-based alternatives on the market these days. Try a few and find your new favorite. Then, try to slowly replace its animal-based version.

Learn new recipes


A sustainable lifestyle is a great teacher, especially when it comes to cooking. There are many ways to either re-creating your favorite recipes and making them greener, or learning completely new ones. Plantie is your best friend here, as we post new plant-based recipes every week. Click here for some inspiration.

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Read the ingredients


This step is a habit for all vegans worldwide. Reading the ingredients and making a bit of research will let you know exactly what you’re eating. It takes a bit more time but makes you feel a lot better at the end.

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Lower your footprint at the coffeeshops


Next time you go to your local coffee shop for a latte, ask the barista to make the coffee plant-based (oat latte is the closest alternative in terms of taste and texture). The same goes for desserts. A lot of cafes make two versions of the same treats nowadays. Most of them taste identical to the ones you’re used to!

Try sustainable fashion


Fashion has been going towards sustainability for the past ten years. As a result, new designers and brands are emerging every year. Their aim is not to make a profit from creating one-season items, but rather to create clothing that lasts forever. Recycled materials play a huge role in the sustainable fashion industry. Try to avoid fast fashion and visit second-hand, vintage stores instead. Also, take a look at some new names from the green fashion niche.


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