Five of Our Favorite Yoga Instructors Providing Virtual Classes

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While most of us are staying at home waiting for the favorite spaces to re-open, sports and yoga professionals are relocating online. The number of virtual classes is growing so fast that sometimes it’s too easy to get lost. But we got you covered! Here’s a list of 5 of our absolutely favorite virtual yoga classes. And they’re all free!

1. Yoga With Adriene

Hosted by Adriene Mishler, is the biggest yoga YouTuber and, by far, our favorite yoga instructor. Her videos are very simple and well-instructed with her calm and soft voice.

On her channel, you will find yoga classes for beginners and advanced athletes, as well as exercises for all kinds of body parts. And if the YouTube videos aren’t enough for you, you can always try her yoga courses tailored for different levels of yoga enthusiasts.

2. DoYogaWithMe

An online yoga school with dozens of professional yoga instructors. You can try their classes as a beginner, intermediate or advanced yogi. In case you don’t know what to start with – try Yin Yoga for the neck and shoulders.

It’s good anywhere, anytime!

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3. Yoga Practice

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An Instagram account with daily yoga videos, tutorials, and photo instructions. Perfect for quick learners and for those who are too lazy to watch long videos!

4. Fightmaster Yoga

On the opposite, for those who love longer classes. Each video is around 40-60 minutes long so get yourself comfortable and spend an hour or two on some more in-depth yoga practice.

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5. Yoga Download

Yoga Download is a website, a YouTube channel, and also a mobile app. It’s easy to navigate throughout this platform and it gives you a lot more than just yoga classes. For example, on the YogaDownload website, you will find over 20 playlists of yoga music tailored for different moods and difficulties of yoga classes.


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