Five Indoor Gardening Ideas We Love

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Regardless of whether you have a large yard or an apartment balcony, it’s possible to have a beautiful garden. There are many benefits of having plants in your home such as purifying the air, boosting mood, reducing stress, and creating natural art in the home.

With the current situation limiting time outdoor activity, it is important to find ways to bring the greenery inside.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an expert, Plantie provides gardening techniques for everyone!

Vertical Garden

Altifarm Enverde | Unsplash

There are multiple ways to create a customizable vertical garden in your home.  If you have a wide wall, try adding a steel mesh vertical garden. A few large plants or several smaller ones will fit perfectly on this type of structure.

Another material that works with a large wall space is attaching little pots to a trellis. If you have tiny plants, consider stacking mason jars on a vertical wooden board. No matter size or space, a vertical garden can be created to fit your unique needs.

Regrow Vegetable Scraps

Introducing greenery into your home can add ingredients to your kitchen when you regrow vegetable scraps. Not only is it beneficial for the environment, but it saves the green in your wallet too.

Many vegetable scraps have roots that will grow again if they are replanted and cared for. Depending on the size of the vegetables, they can sit on a kitchen countertop or windowsill. There is satisfaction in cooking a delicious meal knowing the ingredients came from your own kitchen.

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Cart Garden

falco | Pixabay 

A charming addition to any living area is storing plants on a cart. Two popular ones to try are a bar cart or a serving cart. Depending on how many plants you have, select an option with one or more levels.

An appealing benefit of this type of indoor garden is these types of carts typically have wheels. This means it will be easy to move the garden around the home if you decide to redecorate.

Grow Microgreens

coloboque | Pixabay

A simple gardening technique that can be accomplished at home is growing microgreens. These plants sprout fast and are easy to cultivate inside your home. They are excellent additions to salads, sandwiches, smoothies, or even just used as a garnish.

Types of microgreens include beets, peas, and radishes. The fact that they do not take up much space makes them a great asset to any home.

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Succulents are beautiful and low maintenance plants that are perfect for new gardeners. Being so little, they easily fit in glass terrariums, short mason jars, small pots, or even in a wreath form. Just check out my stash of succulents below!

Since they are simple plants to work with, they are the perfect type to get creative and practice your green thumb skills. Compared to other greenery, succulents come in a vast variety of colors to brighten up any room in your home.


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