Five Environmental Documentaries To Watch This Weekend

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There’s a lot of information when it comes to eating right and doing well for the environment. Watching vegan documentaries relating back to your ideals can make for an inspirational afternoon. 

A combination of comical and educational, with enough food for thought to make a serious meat-eater think about changing their habits, you’ll want to fill your weekend with these mindful films.


Firstly, Cowspiracy. This film looks at cattle raising in the United States. Within the first ten minutes, there’s enough evidence on the benefits of switching to plant-based lifestyles. The documentary delves into factory farming and the science behind the raising of beef, looking at the lack of sustainability, and what it will do to Earth’s future. 

Check it out on Netflix.  

Forks Over Knives

If you’ve ever been curious about the beneficial health effects a plant-based diet can have on the human body, this is the film for you. Forks Over Knives explores how by changing our diet, humans can prevent, or in some cases, reverse the effects of certain diseases. Learn the science behind your diet! Also, check out their amazing recipes!

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Wings of Life

This documentary combines both flora and fauna in one film and deals with the delicate ecosystem we live in as a species.

The Wings of Life teaches about the connection animals and plants have on this earth and is a great reminder of how plant-based lifestyles can go a long way toward helping the environment.  It even observes nature’s best friend, the disappearing bee. Renew your soul and passion with Wings of Life, available on Disney+

Eating You Alive

A good identical film in pairing with Forks over Knives is the documentary, Eating You Alive. The educational flick looks at how our view and treatment of chronic diseases can be altered.  Their website embraces their lifestyle adjustments with recipes and resources so you can dig deeper and do your own research too. Check them out!

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Finally, If you need something a little lighter, Vegucated is for you.  Billed as “Part sociological experiment and part adventure comedy,” this movie follows real people as they dive into veganism for the first time. Tag along as they advance their own education and explore aspects of animal farming they hadn’t considered, becoming superheroes in their own right.  You can get this documentary on Amazon Prime or YouTube.

Furthermore, whether you’re in the mood to learn something new, be validated in your choices, or bring some levity to the situation, these vegan documentaries will fuel your plant passion.

In time, people will definitely understand how we treat animals for our own temporary gains. Not to mention, that a lot of plant-based consumptions products are being on demand because of the recent COVID-19

Also, share them with a friend or family member for a topic of conversation at the dinner table. The films will take you on a roller coaster of emotions, so grab your popcorn and a tissue, sit back,  and enjoy.


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