Interview: Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams On His Plant-Based Lifestyle

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An inspiration to many already, Plantie wants to introduce you to Eric Adams! He is well known as the Brooklyn Borough President, but he has a surprising tale of how he was able to reverse a dangerous health diagnosis. On a typical doctor’s check-up, he found out he had been living with alarmingly low blood glucose levels. Instead of the normal level of 5.7, he discovered his glucose levels were three times higher at 17 percent and found out he had Type 2 diabetes. 

Prior to this visit, he did not associate his symptoms of vision loss and tingling extremities with this condition. Rather than taking insulin immediately, Adams decided to conduct further research to learn more about his new diagnosis. After reading “How Not to Die” by Dr. Greger, the Forks Over Knives Campaign, and more useful information regarding the plant-based diet, he made a complete switch to eating plant-based and altered his lifestyle. By making these changes, he was able to miraculously reverse his Type 2 diabetes in just a few short months.

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Watch this video to learn more about Adams, his perspective on going plant-based, and his plans for the future:


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