5 Crystals That Can Boost Your Self-Esteem

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Did you know 85 percent of the population suffers from low self-esteem and a lack of confidence? When you’re struggling with loving yourself, it’s often related to mental illness, while other times one’s childhood, the media and uncalled-for comments contribute to low self-esteem. 

There are a plethora of different treatment methods—therapy, medication, exercise and more, but using crystals as a spiritual and holistic approach to address the heart of the issue has proven effective in many cases. 

There are many stones that can assist in building confidence and help us take steps forward in our own journeys. 

When it comes to incorporating crystals into your life for the purpose of healing, there are a variety of methods. It’s popular to hold the crystal of your choice in your hand, close your eyes and set an intention. Some people carry a crystal in their pocket or purse so the energy and vibrations are in close contact at all times. 

For the highest level of effectiveness, you’ll want to charge and cleanse your crystals regularly, depending on how often you use them. Cleansing and charging is the only way you can bring crystals back to their original state. There are several ways you can do this, so we’ll explain the most simple. 

When you first buy a crystal, bear in mind that many hands have touched it, which means other peoples’ energy, positive or negative, have essentially been absorbed into your purchase. Cleansing your new or frequently used crystal pushes the reset button in a sense. You’re clearing away any bad vibes. 

To cleanse you crystal, one might bury it in a bowl of brown rice for 24 hours. For charging, which is performed so your crystal can vibrate at the highest frequency, wait until there is a full moon for best results. Then, set your crystal on a windowsill or outside during the dark hours of the night. 

Now that you know the basics, Plantie wants to share five of our favorite self-esteem boosting crystals with you. 


hematite crystal
Image from Wikimedia

Hematite is renown for its ability to guard people from negativity, which grounds us so much that we are able to reach new heights. When you use this healing crystal, the benefits include: strengthening your willpower, sharpening your mind and stabilizing emotions, which includes confidence and self-esteem. 

All of this inspires us to move forward despite adversity or perceived limitations. Hematite also helps emotions bubble up to the surface, and this can release them along with any resentments holding you back. This crystal is good for the blood and bones, boosting self-esteem and helping us overcome addictions.


sunstone crystal

The warm color tones that people love about sunstone can brighten your day and help you reveal your most creative and empowered light, from an inner-heart perspective. Hold your sunstone, set an intention and feel the newfound joy and optimism.

This stone eases sadness—allowing emotional pain to fade away, while providing the mental clarity that can initiate healthy communication of your desires in a clear and assertive manner. Sunstone is also known as a transformational crystal that increases confidence and helps with advocacy skills, all while permitting you to maintain a sense of contentment.

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citrine crystal

Citrine is famous for cleansing, energizing and infusing positive light into the body in order to clear blockages. In doing so, you can let your inner-light shine. When working with citrine, you should feel encouraged to accept yourself and others fully, while releasing feelings of inadequacy that often attract depression. This master healer helps digest new ideas and supports new beginnings, which promotes confidence in and of itself. 


garnet crystal

Garnet lends you strength and a sense of security, especially when you need it most. This crystal also expands awareness and sharpens perception. When you meditate or keep garnet nearby, you’ll have assistance releasing old habits that are no longer, or never were, healthy for you.

You will feel yourself commit to moving forward in life, as garnet promotes balance, energy and confidence. On the other hand, black garnet can help you project that confidence outwards for everyone to see.

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pyrite crystal

Crystals and certain stones possess both mental and physical benefits. Pyrite is a stone that will spark your inner fire, strengthen your willpower, and empower you to overcome fear with the strength to take action and control.

Pyrite protects people from outside influences, helping us to follow our own will rather than the will of others. It’s a nourishing stone that triggers both creativity and vitality, while minimizing anxiety, depression and negative emotions. 


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