Top 8 Crystals for Unleashing Creativity

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Have you always wanted to harness the power of crystals to channel your creativity but never knew where to start? Whether you let your crystals bathe in the moonlight, wear them on necklaces, or incorporate them into your meditation routine, it’s easy to add some geological wonder into your daily life. All you need to know is which ones to choose—and we’re here to help.


Crystals and chakras have a lot in common. The color of a stone often corresponds with the chakra it helps balance, and Sodalite is no exception. This white-speckled, blue-gray crystal heals the throat chakra, represented by the color blue. 

As a gem beloved by writers, Sodalite supports clear communication to help you find the words you need. Also known as the Poet’s Stone, this crystal can empower you to use your voice, balance the head and heart, and remove mental blocks. Writers: if you’re struggling with that manuscript, introduce Sodalite to your workspace. 


It’s hard to create when your soul feels beaten down and sluggish. Stagnant phases can definitely wear us down, but there’s always a way out, and it might help to get your hands on some Carnelian. Send some much-needed love to your solar plexus with the help of this fiery-toned quartz. 

Carnelian supports the soul’s movement, helping us transform into truer versions of ourselves. It holds protective, stabilizing energies that allow us to connect with the world around us in a safe, supportive environment. Sounds exactly like the conditions needed to channel peak creativity, doesn’t it? 

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You’ve probably heard people talk about being “left-brained” or “right-brained” before, but did you know there’s a stone that’s said to balance these hemispheres? Aventurine is known for stimulating that creative, intuitive right brain and levels out the left brain’s logical reasoning. 

If you’ve been struggling with motivation or flow within your life, this crystal can aid you to get the ball rolling. The same can be said for its ability to awaken emotional healing—and what is creativity if not precisely that? 


Creativity isn’t just reserved for self-proclaimed artists. Everyone has creativity, and everyone can get in touch with that side of themselves. Whether you’re an athlete or musician, banker or Broadway star, Blue Apatite is the perfect stone to get you in the zone.

Apatite supports creative problem solving, something from which all people can benefit. If you’re struggling to find a solution to your work, financial or personal conflict, bring this gem into your space. Blue Apatite also balances the throat chakra so you can confidently share creative solutions with those around you. 

Tiger’s Eye

Sometimes the problem with channeling your creativity isn’t about finding inspiration but rather motivation. Luckily, Tiger’s Eye might help you with that. Procrastinators, listen up: this stone can boost determination and help put all those creative plans into motion. 

If self-doubt is preventing you from getting started, fear not. Tiger’s Eye is fantastic for tackling that as well. Is it the all-around perfect stone for creatives? You tell us! 

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If you’re stuck in a creative rut, Jasper may be the stone you’re missing. This earth-toned gemstone is known for its ability to unlock emotionality, and feelings and creativity go hand in hand. While all varieties are grounding and centering, yellow Jasper balances the solar plexus: the chakra responsible for creativity. As a result, intellectuals, writers and other deep-feeling artists can benefit from incorporating this mustard-toned crystal into their practice. 


Sometimes, channeling creativity isn’t about increasing anything in your life but instead removing negative energy. If you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, it’s no surprise that you aren’t feeling like your most creative self. However, the dreamy Moonstone is as serene as it sounds! 

Incorporating moonstone into your daily practice can help clear some of that internal turmoil so you can reconnect with your intuition. This egg-looking stone encourages balance, tranquility and peace, so you can comfortably find your creative side once again. 


The power of Rhodonite lies in its ability to help you see things as they are. A large part of creativity involves finding the beauty, optimism or potential in things. As life experiences harden us, these become harder to see. That’s where Rhodonite comes to the rescue. This powerful pink stone is known for its youthful feel that strips you of that cynicism. 

Turn to this heart chakra-balancing crystal in times of weariness for some much-needed clarity and inner peace. This calm, relaxed state is ideal for unleashing your inner creative flow. Give it a try!

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Final Thoughts

Creative blocks are a natural part of life, but with the help of crystals like Carnelian, Tiger’s Eye and Jasper, you can go back to feeling like your intuitive, outside-the-box self once again. Remember, creativity isn’t only for artists. Everyone can benefit from channeling their imaginative side! 



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