Color Me Pink: Makeup Options for Your Vegan Lifestyle

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In the world with millions of lip liners and oodles of foundation, it’s sometimes a struggle to find a vegan makeup brand that suits you while balancing both a budget and a plant-based lifestyle. 

To make your life easier, we’ve picked a few of our favorite companies that offer a wide array of options, as well as adhere to a vegan way of production so you can make better informed and affordable choices.


This company offers elegant, earth-friendly options for all your needs. Pacifica has something for everyone, and their expertise will lead you to the perfect fit depending on what type of skin you have (oily, dry, sensitive, combination). They offer a lot more than just makeup. Skincare and hair care are also on top of their list. With ingredients like coconut, Vitamin E, and natural minerals, you can’t go wrong with Pacifica.

Wet n Wild

Wet n Wild delivers bold color choices. They are a great company if you want to try some colorful new vibes. An often overlooked aspect of the makeup world is the nails, but Wet n Wild doesn’t forget about the finishing touches on the fingers; you can try an assortment of nail polish for just a few bucks. Go wild with their vegan options!

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The Lip Bar

The name may be misleading as The Lip Bar offers a full range of makeup products from flawless foundations to entrancing eyeshadow. Their specialty is, of course, lipstick. Gloss, matte, liner…there is no end to the combinations you might procure. Tones range from a variety of nudes to bright purples and blues for an adventurous night out. Want to shine in the spotlight?  Try one of their metallic colors to give your lips a pop of vibrant hue!


Undone is all about the natural look, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have variety!  Their cruelty-free makeup is easy to apply, and even easier to purchase as they offer foundation, cheek, and lip bundles. If you’re new to vegan makeup and want products that automatically look great, this is the place to start. The brand is also a wonderful standby for makeup veterans longing for some new looks. Get Undone here

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e.l.f. Cosmetics

This wonderful company doesn’t stand for Santa’s helpers, but instead for “every eye, lip face.”  With a complete skin tone range for foundation and enough eyeshadow palettes to complete anyone’s makeup palate, e.l.f. offers a consistent promise of both cruelty-free and paragon-free selections. You might think that such an economical choice might not exceed in quality, but their vivid lipsticks and no-fuss application eyeliner last an evening and longer.

If you’re just getting into the makeup game or have years of experience, give these companies a try. The world is no longer limited when choosing vegan products, as this handful of options shows. Test out a new look today.


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