Best Plants for Healing Burns or Sun-Damaged Skin

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With the weather heating up and the days getting longer, you probably find yourself spending more time outside. Remember, skincare now is more essential than ever. But, with the best routines, we still find ourselves left with blistering backs or peeling shoulders; even a short time outside can leave you with scarlet cheeks! Well, never fear, Plantie is here – with some solutions! Instead of grabbing the nearest store-bought (chemical) cream, try these natural plant remedies, made from ingredients you may have lying around the house, to feel better!

The Marrow of Yarrow:

Tomas Sobek | Unsplash

Yarrow has been used for ages as a medicinal remedy. To help relieve a painful burn, take dried yarrow, and add boiled water to it to make some Yarrow tea. You can add this ‘tea’ to your bath, or cool it down and sponge it on the sunburned areas for relief.

Fun fact: Yarrow has many beneficial health properties when ingested, so your tea can be multi-purpose!

Cultivate a Lettuce Patch:

Stephanie Moody | Unsplash

We did not think we would ever be saying this, but boiled lettuce juice can be extremely beneficial. Boil the leaves, discard (or eat) them, and chill the leftover liquid in the fridge. Like yarrow, you can apply this mixture topically with a cloth.

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Not Just for Breakfast, Oatmeal:

Melissa Di Rocco | Unsplash

Now you can use this wonder food in another amazing way! Adding 1 to 2 cups of oatmeal to your bath will help soothe burns and keep your skin moisturized. For better effect, you need either ground oatmeal powder or you can grind the whole oats yourself. To make a topical paste, cook the oatmeal with extra water, blend and cool it down before applying on the affected area!

You Are Helped by What You Eat:

RitaE | Pixabay

Give your body a boost from the inside. Let tomatoes and other vitamin C-rich foods do some preventative work when you spend a day in the sun. This does not mean you can skip the sunscreen (you still need it!), but you can give your body an internal boost. Be sure to start eating more of these foods before the sunny summer months, to get their full benefits.

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Last but not least, Aloe

Franziska Ingold | Pixabay

Aloe is one of the most commonly used treatments for sunburn, and you have probably seen big tubes of it at your local store. But, what you might not know is, not only can you make your own aloe vera gel at home, you can also use the plant directly to soothe and heal your damaged skin. Simply take a sharp knife, slice the leaf lengthwise, and apply the jelly-like substance inside the leaf (or the juice) directly on your inflamed skin. Instant relief!

From backyard barbecues to afternoons on the lake, do not let a bad burn keep you in the shade! Stock up on some of these natural plant remedies so you can enjoy the heat without the damage. Your skin will thank you for it! 


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