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Worth The Money: Green Beauty That’s Worth Every Cent!

Green beauty has come a long way, but sometimes it can be hard to figure out which products live up to the hype and are worth the money. I’ve written my share of budget beauty posts but some products stand out from the crowd, regardless of price, and are 100% worth their price tag. This post is all about just that kind of special find!...

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D.I.Y. Skincare Antioxidant Mask

A nourishing antioxidant mask that works to even skin tone, hydrate, improve elasticity, plump, brighten and reveal glowing skin. Great for all skin types! Thank you to Pacific Resources International for partially sponsoring this post. So excited to bring you our new DIY skincare series! This is our first post in the series but in the future be sure to search “DIY” on the blog and all of our original skincare recipes will populate. Okay first lets clear the air. I’m not a “DIY-er” by nature. I am a woman of convenience. We all know this. I love convenience when it comes to, well everything. I’m talking food, skincare, nails house cleaning…the works. My default is to buy it before making it BUT that’s not to say I don’t appreciate homemade. Homemade is the best. And when it comes to skincare you can’t beat fresh aloe from the plant or choosing your own honey or matcha and not having to add a preservative. I mean talk about FRESH. I also thought this DIY series would be a nice addition considering so many of us are home right now. I wanted to help create some fun skincare treats we can indulge […]

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Best Natural Shampoo for Gray Hair (Purple Shampoo)

If your gray hair is brassy or starting to turn yellow, you may need a purple shampoo. Here is everything you need to know about finding the best natural shampoo for gray hair (blondes too!). Confession. The first couple of years I grew out my hair gray, I was convinced my experience transcended purple shampoo. Actually, it was more like I was running an offense for the “just use regular shampoo” team. I was fine rotating through my roster of favorite clean beauty shampoos. They were cleaning my hair per usual and everything was fine. Until it wasn’t. About three years into my growth, my hair started taking on a brassy tinge. I couldn’t tell if my whites were actually white or if they were browns that hadn’t turned white yet. It was all getting a bit muddy and I found myself craving something to add brightness, definition, brilliance and clarity to my grays. And then it dawned on me. I probably need a purple shampoo! Why purple shampoo? Jenn Jones, master colorist and owner of Creature Studio in Atlanta explains, “Light colored hair like shades of blonde and gray are more susceptible to becoming discolored due to a number […]

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May Flowers: A Bouquet of Benefits for Your Skincare Routine

April showers bring May flowers, but did you know that May flowers offer even more beautiful benefits for your skin?  We love our plant-powered skincare products for so many reasons, especially the ways they harness gorgeous ingredients found in n...

May Beauty Heroes With Bathing Culture

The May Beauty Heroes Discovery features a groovy, ’70s-inspired line, Bathing Culture. This colorful line is brand new to me but I love how unique and fun the line is and I think we could all use something bright and fun right now! With an emphasis on getting back to the basics of bathing, let’s dive into this month’s discovery! Bathing Culture The Hero Mind...

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Get A Green or Vegan Mattress…and $200 Off, too.

 Avocado Mattress makes green/natural and even vegan mattresses, pillows (and even beds).  Save $200 on every mattress until 6/1/20, use code: WEHONOR200 Verified educators, military, law enforcement, firefighters, EMTs, doctors, and nurses save an additional $50.  Shop here. I wish I knew what conventional mattresses were made of before I purchased one.  What could be […]

Girl Talk with Jeannie Jarnot

Jeannie Jarnot, founder of Beauty Heroes, shares her favorite natural beauty products and skincare routine plus what she’s loving lately. Click here for more Girl Talk interviews! I first met Jeannie in 2016, just 9 months after I started my blog. Beauty Heroes was 2 years old at the time and I introduced myself via a cold email in August. I threw it out there that I would be at the New York Indie Beauty Expo and asked if I could introduce myself in person. The next thing I know I’m at a very intimate Beauty Heroes reception at Red Flower in NYC rubbing shoulders with Adrian Greener and the rest is history. Jeannie has redefined luxury in the clean beauty space. I’ve seen Beauty Heroes grow and adapt and redefine itself over the years to the point where Beauty Heroes is now the one of the cleanest, and biggest beauty retailers in the world. Along with their online shop, Beauty Heroes recently opened a retail space in Novato California which also offers spa treatments like Josh Rosebrook and Laurel facials. But Beauty Heroes is most known for their monthly discoveries. Every month, members delight in crème de la crème clean […]

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Transformative Enzymes, Vitamin C Treatments, Botanical Vitamin A + Probiotics!

There’s a new trend in skincare and it’s about brightening, exfoliating (without the grains) and bringing the skin back to health. I am now obsessed with these products and they’ve become a HUGE part of my skincare routine. Note: if you’re sensitive, make certain that they are good for sensitive skin as these can be […]

HENNÉ Organics Review

If you are looking for the intersection of where luxury meets minimalism in clean beauty; look no further than HENNÉ ORGANICS. This is your one-stop-read for an up close and personal HENNÉ Organics review. And be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom for an awesome HENNÉ giveaway! HENNÉ is a small edit of makeup and skincare with a focus on simplicity. Their formulations are stacked with organics like nourishing butters, oils and beeswax. Overall, they deliver a rich, sophisticated application while maintaining a squeaky clean ingredient deck.  HENNÉ’S Origin Story This USA-made brand was founded by Laura Xiao in 2015 via a personal ethos to declutter and truly focus on just the essentials.  HENNÉ means HER in Swedish and it represents the brand’s dedication to the modern woman while tipping their hat to their Swedish roots.  Up until 2019, HENNÉ made lip products only but with the addition of their Luxury Hand Cream, they have officially branched out into a multi-modality skincare line. Code THISORGANICGIRL will save first-timers 15%! A quick chat with Laura Xiao Lisa: What is your personal favorite from HENNÉ? Why? Laura: This is a tough one! It usually changes on an almost weekly basis. […]

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Celebrate May with a Gift for Them + a Gift Card for You

To Their Wellness (And Yours!) This May, we want to make sure the loved ones in our lives are focusing on their wellness since many of them spend so much of their time focusing on others. Whether you’re honoring mothers, teachers, graduates, or someone...

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