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A Beginners Introduction to the Wonders of Pilates

Are you looking for a low-impact way to get fit? Pilates might be perfect.

Mental Health: A Global Guide

If you’ve ever pointed to a spot on a map and thought “I’d be so happy living here,”.

10 Successful Morning Routines

The mood you have in the morning is the mood you carry with you for the rest of the day. It’s...

20 Fun Ways to Get In Shape

Whatever your fitness level, these activities will keep you hooked and coming back for more. 

Oils Conspiracy: The Best Oils to Cook Healthy With

There has been a lot of controversy in recent years surrounding the health benefits of oils. Here’s what we know so...

Taoism and the Art of Self-Healing: Transform Your Sitting, Walking & Standing Posture

Google the word “Taoism” and you’ll soon come across the word  “mysterious." More of a lifestyle than a religion, Taoism is an ancient...

Is Drinking Wine Good For You?

From antioxidants to vitamins, there are plenty of reasons to feel good about drinking that glass of wine.

10 Techniques to Brighten Your Day Right Now

Do you feel like you have been stuck in a low mood recently? Try these 10 tips and get back on...

The Better Milk to Have With Your Next Cappuccino

Many of us take our coffee drinking very seriously - which can make switching from dairy milk to nut milk all...

Why Morning Meditation Is A Must For Your Mental State

As the psychological benefits of meditation are supported by studies, more of us are choosing to fit some form of meditation...

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A Must Try Recipe

5 Ideas For Boosting Your Mood

Let’s face the facts, life isn’t always peaches and cream. Bad days happen, whether it’s a breakup, an argument with friends, a...

Healing Power of Breath: 5 Health Conditions Improved with Breathwork

Breathwork has long been known to improve emotional and spiritual wellbeing. The focused, intentional practice of controlling the breath can reduce stress,...

Plant-Based Sun Protectants Are the Way to Go This Summer

With the Summer heat upon us, many are eager to protect their skin from sun damage linked to skin cancer, age spots,...

The Best Plant-Based Pain-Relievers

Plants have provided people with herbal medicine since time immemorial. Is there some legitimacy to the healing powers of herbs?

Healthy Habits to Develop Based on Your Zodiac Sign

You don’t need to wait for the new year—it’s always a good time to start bettering yourself. Here are some healthy habits...