5 Tips to Help You Meditate Like A Pro

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Taking a moment out of your life and spending a few minutes on meditation is crucial for your mental health, especially if you are living a busy lifestyle. Meditation develops your mindfulness, trains your attention, stabilizes your overall state, and makes you emotionally calm. It soothes your brain and anchors you to the moment. But for meditation to work properly, it is important to know a few simple rules. Here are 5 tips to help you meditate like a pro.

Do not do it all by yourself

Antonika Chanel | Unsplash

If you are just getting started with meditation, do not be afraid to use professional guidance in the form of a video or audio. Today, there are a lot of online tools that can help beginners start their meditation journey. Some helpful videos to get started with are:

Once you learn the pattern of meditation, you can start doing it alone and create your own meditating exercises. If you want to meditate professionally, there are hundreds of online courses created for you. With the help of these, you can build your career in the meditation field, or do it professionally for yourself. Check out meditation courses on Udemy and Coursera.

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Create your own safe space

nensuria | Freepik

As with working, cooking, or sleeping, meditation should have its own space in your home. A space that is associated with calmness and mindfulness, a space that will give you only positive energy and let you sit down without distractions.

Create a small safe zone that will let you sit upright and will not have much noise. Try to avoid meditating in your bed as it might be tempting for you to fall asleep.

Meditate after waking up

Andrea Piacquadio | Pexels

The best time for meditation is morning, or the moment you wake up. That way you are placed in a reactive state of mind that lets you focus on your thoughts and creates the perfect state of mind for a good meditating session. This kind of morning meditation will let you create a mindful state of mind for many hours and boost your energy for the rest of the day.

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Do not distract yourself

Skitterphoto | Unsplash

Put your phone in airplane mode and try to avoid using it before or during meditation. Especially, when you meditate right after waking up it is important not to distract yourself with loads of information but rather, take a moment and plunge into your thoughts to create that calm state of mind, without being worried about what is going on in the world.

Try mindfulness meditation

If you are struggling with daily anxiety and stress, mindfulness or guided meditation can become a great solution to create a calmer state of mind. This type of meditation will help you regulate your emotions and improve your cognitive abilities. If it is difficult for you to focus, longer meditations can help you guide your thoughts towards yourself and help with mental and physical health.


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