5 Crystals to Reduce Anxiety and Stress

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In recent years crystals have made that controversial leap from crazy witch lady to mainstream culture. Not a day goes by when an amethyst cluster or a quartz tower does not sparkle its way into my Instagram feed. Yes, crystals are having their moment in the spotlight.

Having been used in healing since ancient Sumerian times, crystals have been studied, experimented on, and categorized to treat almost any ailment. But as more people experiment with crystal energy, we are noticing one question that keeps popping up – “what are the best crystals to reduce stress and anxiety?”

There is a whole category of ‘calming stones’ which can help alleviate anything from nervous energy to severe bouts of insomnia. Here are our top 5 to get you started.


Photo by Conscious Design

Amethyst is a balancing stone often used to inspire an enhanced meditative state. Branded by ancients as the ‘Gem of Fire’, the harmonizing properties of Amethyst evoke a sense of inner peace which can help with anything from a stressful meeting to an overactive mind. It is particularly favored when it comes to high-pressure situations when anxieties begin to spiral, and you feel like the whole world is against you.


Lepidolite is a powerful crystal used to bestow a sense of calm. Anxious thoughts, feelings, and emotions can often get in the way of us doing what we want, but Lepidolite can help you overcome that negative thinking. Its soothing properties can be excellent for calming excessive worry and obsessive thoughts, especially when it is affecting your sleep.

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Photo by Ra’ike

Often referred to as ‘the stone of peace’, Sodalite is a powerful healing crystal that many people use to ease anxiety. Its deep blue color instills a sense of calm, helping with anything from clearing thoughts to easing panic attacks. This stone is particularly helpful in making sense of mental confusion by stilling our minds, enabling us to think logically without spiraling into a pit of anxiety.

Black Tourmaline

Aptly named ‘The Bodyguard Stone’, Black Tourmaline’s protective properties are used to drive away negativity, especially negative thoughts, and internal conflicts. Its power lies in calming the mind during bouts of chronic worry, anger, and anxiety, allowing yourself to regain control of your emotions. If you feel like you are being swept away by spiraling negative thoughts, Black Tourmaline can help you view the world with neutrality.


Photo by Semenov.m7 

The ‘stone of life’ attracts an abundance of peace and tranquility to any situation, person, or thought, while simultaneously keeping negativity at bay. The detoxifying properties found in Shungite make it an excellent stone to help clear your mind of any worries, creating a path for productive, positive thinking. Because of this, Shungite is often used during meditation.

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Making the most out of your crystals

Crystals can be used in many ways. If you have insomnia, slide one underneath your pillow. If your stress stems from work, place a crystal tower on your desk. You can even pop them into glasses of water, add them to a bath or simply sit and hold them until your anxiety subsides and you are ready to face the world again.


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