10 Techniques to Brighten Your Day Right Now

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Do you feel like you have been stuck in a low mood recently? Try these 10 tips and get back on track to feeling good.

Everyone has days where they just cannot seem to shake a bad mood. The good news is, we have the power to choose how we deal with the mood we are in. If it is just a bad day – there are plenty of simple ways to turn it around. If the negative emotions run a little deeper than that, there are plenty of people and resources out there who can help you through that too. Here are 10 simple methods to get you out of that funk.  

1. Move your body

Photo by Hannes Glöckl

According to a recent study carried out in the United States, exercise can lead to “43·2% fewer days of poor mental health”, with team sports, cycling, aerobics, and gym activities being the most effective mood boosters. The study also found that exercising for 45 minutes, three to five times per week produced the best mental results.

Quick mood boost tip: Set aside 45 minutes and head to the gym, go for a bike ride, or get some friends together for an afternoon sports game!

2. Socialize

Photo by katemangostar

Humans are a social species – we need frequent contact with other people in order to function at our best. Moreover, Psychology Today states that “Research has shown that one sure way of improving your mood is to work on building social connections”, adding that social interaction helps to reduce depression.

Quick mood boost tip: Call up a friend you have been meaning to catch up with. Have a chat and see if they are free for a coffee date!

3. Have a bath

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

Sometimes, being in a funk can be attributed to stress. A soak in the tub can be a lovely way to reduce this. Research has found that soaking in a warm bath helps to reduce stress, insomnia, and high blood pressure. For added stress relief, Healthline recommends adding lavender essential oil to your bath.

Quick mood boost tip: Add a few drops of lavender essential oil to your bath and soak your stress away.

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4. Get out in nature

Photo by bristekjegor

Studies have shown that spending time in nature reduces depression, high blood pressure, anxiety, and stress. There may also be benefits to simply placing your bare feet on the earth (also known as “grounding”) – as The Earthing Movie explores.

Quick mood boost tip: Walk or drive to your nearest park for a walk or picnic.    

5. Meditate

Photo by yanalya

Surely, a 10-minute meditation can work wonders for a negative mood. Mindfulness meditation has been scientifically proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and insomnia over a period of time. Visualization and mantra meditations can also be useful if you are looking for a quick shift to a positive mindset.

Quick mood boost tip: Try out one of these guided meditation videos.

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6. Get enough sleep

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

Sleep deprivation has been linked to fatigue and depression, so if you are feeling tired and overwhelmed, this could be why. Creating an evening routine that prompts your body to know that it is time to wind down can be beneficial in getting a good night’s sleep, as can a lavender bath or regular meditation practice.

Quick mood boost tip: Have a nap!

7. Put on some upbeat music

Photo by freepik

Sometimes, a change in energy is all we need – and the sound of upbeat music can provide an excellent prompt for this. A 2010 study suggests that music has the power to influence our mood and behavior – whether this is positive or negative. So, pay attention to the music you typically listen to and how it makes you feel.

Quick mood boost tip: Play some upbeat music and dance!

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8. Get creative

Photo by sinevpetro

Also, Studies have shown that art can be successfully used to promote self-esteem and self-confidence. When led by a therapist, forms of visual art, music, dance, and drama are recognized ways of learning to cope with difficult emotions and life events.

Quick mood boost tip: Do something creative. This might be dancing, singing, playing an instrument, or perhaps painting. 

9. Take a look at your diet

Photo by freepik

Generally, the foods we eat can play a major role in how we feel. If you have been eating a lot of unhealthy or processed foods lately, this could be contributing to your low mood. Following a Mediterranean diet has been shown to be beneficial to mental health – this generally includes plant-based foods such as vegetables, legumes, and olive oil.

Quick mood boost tip: Give your brain a boost with a superfood smoothie or nutrient-dense salad.      

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10. Seek help

Photo by freepik

If you have been struggling with negative emotions for a while and cannot seem to find a technique that helps, you might want to seek help from a professional who is trained and experienced in helping people to overcome challenging emotions. Also, talk to your primary care physician about how you have been feeling, call your local helpline or check out Better Help to quickly and easily start talking to a counselor online.

Mood boost tip: Make an appointment to see your primary care physician, so that they can help you to make a plan towards achieving your mental health goals.


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