10 Powerful Crystals Every Person Should Own and Why

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No longer confined to gem shops and sitting atop the shelves of rock hounds, crystals have hit the mainstream market and appear everywhere from Instagram to the bottom of reusable water bottles. Despite being aesthetically pleasing addition to your home decor and jewelry collections. Crystals are loved for their healing properties.

Many crystals have the ability to help stimulate good vibrational flow or protect against negative energy. Additionally, specific crystals are associated with specific healing effects on the body and mind. Although these claims are not yet backed by modern science. The uses of crystals in healing and spiritual practices can be traced back to early human civilizations.

Even if there is no concrete scientific proof of their healing abilities, crystals may still be a worthwhile addition to your daily routine. At the very least they are beautiful to look at, which in itself can be soothing for the mind. The following list looks at 10 must-have crystals and the unique energetic properties of each.

10 Crystals Every Person Should Own and Why

1. Amethyst

Photo by Jasmin777

Amethyst is a balancing stone, both physically and mentally. Wearing amethyst or having it around the house is thought to stimulate tranquil and peaceful energy, which makes it a worthwhile stone to add to your collection.

2. Clear Quartz

Photo by Jason D

Clear quartz acts as a “jack of all trades” in the crystal world. It is useful for energetic purposes and to amplify intentions. And if you could only have a single crystal to work with, many people would advocate for clear quartz due to its versatility. Its beauty is just an added bonus.

3. Rose Quartz

Photo by Myriams-Fotos

Generally, regarded as a love stone, rose quartz is as comforting as it is lovely. This pink stone is to attract love and carries distinctly feminine energy to it. Particularly, many people love rose quartz for its beauty and the positivity that it attract.

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4. Black Tourmaline

Photo by Jan Helebrant

Black tourmaline is a must-have stone due to its protective nature. Used for meditation, this stone is to repel bad vibes and provide protection against negative energies. This is often one of the first protective stones that people new to crystals will collect.

5. Citrine

Photo by KatinkavomWolfenmond

Citrine is associated with success and manifestation. Having a citrine crystal around is to attract abundance and wealth, helping with motivation to chase your goals and attain the success you seek. For this reason, many people opt for citrine crystals when looking to boost their businesses or personal endeavors, which makes it a great addition to any collection.

6. Selenite


Selenite is a versatile crystal for its purifying effects. Sold in sage bundles to cleanse and charge crystals. It is energetic and a beautiful stone to have at home.

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7. Moonstone

Photo by Gemsphoto 

Moonstone is a beautiful crystal with lunar energy and the divine feminine. Moonstone is a stone for creativity and introspection and allowing people the space to connect with their inner light in a comforting way. And moonstone is often used for jewelry such as rings or necklaces.

8. Smoky Quartz


Smoky quartz is for protection and grounding against negative energies. It has a history of protective magic and thought to provide strength to those working with it.

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9. Fluorite

Photo by alusruvi

Fluorite is a knowledge stone for strengthening intuition and mind associated with rational thought and providing mental peace and balance. Fluorite comes in many colors, with some stones even featuring a stunning rainbow pattern. Both its aesthetic presence and effect on the mind make it a wonderful stone to keep around.

10. Turquoise

Photo by PxHere

Turquoise played a key role in some of the earliest civilizations, often showing up in adornments and talismans for protection. Turquoise carries the power of water and life. In modern times, turquoise is for jewelry and ornamental purpose and to promote well-being.

When choosing a crystal to buy, be sure to keep your mind open and go with your gut. Also, Many folks ascribe to the theory that a crystal will “choose you”, so keep that in mind when looking for the perfect one to add to your collection!


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